15 Best Things About Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 And The 15 Worst

If you are looking to get your annual leave schedule together for this year’s next game launch, here is another game you can put on your list. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 just released, and we know you are ready to jump right in. However, this game’s release may be one of the most divisive in the Call of Duty community. First, this game took notes from the popular battle royale trends brought on by PUBG and Fortnite and established their own free-for-all game in their Blackout mode.

Next, many of you are probably wondering about Treyarch’s decision to do away with a single-player campaign, something that has always been included in all Call of Duty games. These are two polarizing decisions that have divided many Call of Duty fans. While these are the most substantial issues, there are others that have fans on “can’t wait” or “pass on this” camp. If you want a more realistic version of a blend of Overwatch and Fortnite with some zombies dropped in, this most recent Call of Duty installment may be for you.

Treyarch has taken a lot of creative liberties with this installment that fans will be happy with. However, our job is to talk through some of the awesome, and not-so-awesome aspects of this game to help you decide if you are down to get lost in this new Call of Duty journey. So, please sit back and take a moment a few moments to read our 15 best things about Black Ops 4, and 15 of the worst.

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30 Best – No Futuristic Nonsense

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Black Ops 4 strays away from some of the more recent Call of Duty entries by dialing down the jetpacks, wall runs and thrusting. This game goes back to the foundation of Call of Duty by putting boots on the ground. Everything is refreshingly traditional while tying in some original new elements.

See, mixing the old with the new is possible. 

Black Ops 4 players can knee slide and swim, two factors that were popular with the past games, but it does get rid of a lot of the futuristic parts of the game that kept players from really loving it.

29 Worst – The Combos Can Come Back To Haunt Players

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Black Ops 4 has many combos that can come back and bite players. Players can raise walls, set trap wires, and take advantage of sensitive situations. This Black Ops 4 title comes with many activities for players, and it is going to take much time to understand how to ward of the exploitation of these combos. Players can easily find a spawn area and set up these traps for players. These features are going to annoy players and make the gaming experience less than something to be desired.

28 Best – Black Ops Answer to PUBG In Blackout

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Call of Duty has seen the fanfare of battle royale games and have worked to answer the call. This Call of Duty presents a more polished and quality battle royale experience. Many have been very satisfied with the experience.

Who knew we needed another battle royale game? 

Players have quicker revive times, the movement is sleek and smooth, and it reminds PUBG fans of the quintessential battle royale video game experience. Basically, it is the PUBG experience without the long load times, freezing gameplay, and glitches. Most critics are relatively happy with the result.

27 Worst – Bad For The Franchise’s Lone Wolves

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Since the introduction of games like Overwatch, other combat-style games have tried to infuse a team approach. Black Ops 4 is no exception, as players have to communicate and strategize to win. However, the history of Call of Duty has been centered around lone wolves and players that want to fight on their own. Black Ops 4 is not really for those individuals, and this could alienate old school fans of the game that remember another day where independence was valued.

26 Best – More Efficient Mini-Maps

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Sometimes, the Call of Duty mini-maps can be a bit overwhelming. There is a lot to see and focus on. These maps only notify players when there is an enemy in their immediate line of vision or have utilized a tool to be able to see these individuals.

This could go well, or bad depending on your style of play...

The screen that players are looking at has to only carry the necessary information players need. A smarter mini-map can do that as well make players feel immersed in a solid piece of like-like radar.

25 Worst – Low FPS Issues

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Now, we all know that beta releases can be riddled with bugs, but it is worth mentioning that Call of Duty may have some constant frame rate issues that could be in the final game. The Beta suffered a massive problem with a glitch that brought incredibly low frame rates for players. They fixed the bug, but there were still some severe issues of lag. If they do not get rid of this problem, this could still be an issue in Black Ops 4.

24 Best – More Zombies!

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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 leans into the zombie story more than any game previously released before it. There are three separate zombie campaigns that players can access upon the launch of the game. The developers use this as an opportunity to expand the lore and story of zombies which has captivated many players.

Honestly, who doesn't want more zombies??

Players can customize their zombie experience and even give their own mystery boxes to other players. One of the campaigns also takes place in ancient Rome, where players can use swords and bows.

23 Worst – The Folly Of The Flinch Mechanic

via the-arcade.ie

Black Ops 4 has a new flinch mechanic that is supposed to help players better aim as they are being shot at. It seems Treyarch have not yet figured out how to optimize this skill for the average player. The issue with this is that during the beta, players screens darkened when they tried to use this. Unfortunately, it caused a visual distortion for many frames. There was not a frame drop, but one player showed that for fourteen frames, they were still experiencing optical distortion.

22 Best – No More Traditional Single-Player Campaign

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This title is the first Call of Duty game in history not to include a single-player campaign. Honestly, who really played this in the first place? Call of Duty is more known for its multiplayer modes and for many, the single-player campaigns felt as if they were a waste of time.

When was the last time you actually played a CoD single-player campaign?

This space in the game could have been taken up with a lot of other things. Treyarch decided to remove the single-player because their own analysis showed individuals focused more on multiplayer modes. Instead of the single-player campaign, players will instead face smaller solo-campaigns where they can try out the specialist mode used in the multiplayer campaign.

21 Worst – Armor is OP

via thejacka1.com

The health system in Black Ops 4 is a bit different. Instead of automatic healing, players have a button that they have to press to heal. In addition to this new aspect, players can also use armor to increase their health by 50. Some players have discussed how this armor is OP and it can automatically spell death for enemies. It is almost as if the armor automatically signifies any close encounter with someone using the armor is not going to go the other person’s way, and some question the fairness of this.

20 Best – The Unique Abilities Of The Specialists

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Now, some could say that Black Ops 4 is “borrowing” some well-known features of other combat-style games. We have already seen PUBG’s influence and this one looks akin to Overwatch. Black Ops 4 allows players to choose from ten different specialists that possess varying abilities that can be helpful in a team setting.

Seems like this type of thing is about to become a staple in combat gaming. 

For example, there is a character specializing in healing while another is a “rusher” with a grapple gun. Sound a little familiar? Either way, this feature gives players a lot more options in how they choose to play, and it looks as if the developers have taken these familiar elements and customized them to work for a game like Black Ops 4.

19 Worst – Managing The Slide And Hip Fire Trick

via eurogamer.net

A YouTuber noted how much of a benefit the extended speed of the slide during combat can be useful. It allows you to get away from enemies quickly and can be helpful in a pinch. However, the main issue with this feature is when players are faced with it on the receiving side. The YouTuber said that most of the multiplayer matches were filled with people sliding and hip firing. The exchanges are so fast that it is almost impossible to prepare for them. This could be an OP issue.

18 Best – Show Off With Signature Weapons

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There are many incentives to jumping into a game of Call of Duty, as it is just a fantastically fun time. However, the developers have ratcheted up the rewards for players who like to enjoy Call of Duty in style.

Honestly, we didn't need a reward to blow off steam in Call of Duty, but we will take it!

Black Ops 4 has “Signature Weapons,” which are special versions of guns that are a reward for the hard work of mowing down enemies. If you love to show off, then these are the perfect way to do it.

17 Worst – Forget Sneaking Up On Anyone

via tech2.org

While that mini-map mentioned earlier does have its benefits, it does also have some fundamental flaws. Because the mini-map highlights anyone that is in your line of sight, it will notify a potential enemy of your presence. This situation makes it less likely that you can get that knife attack or close-up shot in. It makes the strategy and creativity a little more challenging when it comes to attacking the other side. This scenario can become frustrating during a fast-paced game.

16 Best – Enjoy Classic Maps

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The developers of Call of Duty games know what works and what their fans want to see. Black Ops 4 is no different. The game includes five classic maps from various points in the franchises’ history.

Considering the lack of a story mode, we will need some anchor points for this game. 

The Jungle, Summit, and Firing Range from the first Black Ops will be included while Slums and Nuketown from Black Ops 2 will also make an appearance. So, players have the opportunity to visit some of their most favorite maps in a new way.

15 Worst – A Total Overhaul Of The Healing System

via pcgamesn.com

Remember how you would automatically heal when you were on almost done? Now, things are a bit murky. Instead of automatically healing, you can now use a dedicated healing button. Sounds simple right? Well, this ability is on a timer. It is not something you can always take advantage of. If you are used to bulldozing your way through enemies and taking hits, you may want to be a bit more strategic in your combat approach. Life is scarce in Black Ops 4.

14 Best – Enjoy Grappling Hooks

via youtube.com (OPADI)

Okay, there is a reason why fans of Overwatch enjoy using Roadhog. Grappling hooks are like a third hand that allow you to defy gravity. During Blackout and even multiplayer matches (albeit it is only relegated to one specialist type), grappling hooks can give players a nice edge.

There is a reason why Batman loved those things. 

Not only can it stop enemies in their tracks, but it enables players to scale buildings and battle from higher terrain. Grappling hooks are the weapon and tool you didn’t know you needed.

13 Worst – Picking Up Loot In Blackout Is A Drag

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There is a reason why fans still love PUBG and Fortnite. It is because these games have been in the battle royale game longer than Call of Duty, so they have picked up on little things that work to make the gameplay experience all the more satisfying. Picking up loot in Blackout is slow and requires a press of the square button. On PUBG, picking up loot is automatic. This action may not seem like a huge deal, but in a fast-paced game such as this, every second counts.

12 Best – Zombies Appear In Blackout

via n3rdabl3.com

Zombies are an excellent addition to a battle royale game. What happens when you not only have to worry about other players, but you also have to keep an eye out for pesky and deadly zombies? The developers decided to mix in some zombies into the battle royale fray of Blackout.

A mix of Dead Rising and PUBG, we love it! 

It increases the challenge of keeping an eye out for other players, while also allowing you to even use them as weapons against enemies. You never know where dangers are lurking and the developers of this game upped the ante.

11 Worst – Don’t Trust The Wingsuit

via eurogamer.net

How cool are wingsuits? You can jump from almost any height and glide to safety, or at least, that is what is supposed to happen. According to one gamer, wingsuits have led to swift and immediate endings, as players have fallen from the highest of heights when they attempted to use wingsuits. So, this may be an early glitch that is already fixed, but it makes sense to stay away from this mode of transportation for a while until there is definitive information on whether it has been repaired.

10 Best – A Variety Of Maps Are Available At Launch

via g2play.net

Many times, when a game first launches, players have to wait for some of the best content. Many maps are unavailable and some features will be added with DLC releases. Call of Duty has recognized this and made 14 locations available for players off the bat.

Your next week is already planned out and we don't even have DLC content yet. 

As mentioned above, four of the maps are callbacks from other Black Ops games, while the other ten are entirely new areas for players to learn about and explore. We can appreciate a mixture of old and new.

9 Worst – The PS4 Crew Gets It Early

via windowscentral.com

Now, if you own a PS4, this is going to be music for your ears. However, for Xbox and PC gamers, this is a bit of a pain. While they are still going to receive the game, it is a bit unfortunate that you have to hear about your PS4 friends having a blast on this game a week before you can access it. It also makes it more likely that new secrets in the game will be spoiled before you get your hands on it. This scenario is pretty annoying, and it does feel that PS4 players are getting some perks over the Xbox and PC gamers.

8 Best – Mow Down Enemies With The Zombie Ray Gun In Blackout

via youtube.com (TheSmithPlays)

Call of Duty has always maintained an undeniable realism. If you wanted to get a video game experience that is somewhat close to the real thing, Call of Duty has always been it. However, their incorporation of the Zombies story takes this game into some strange, but also satisfying, territory.

Hey, even hardcore first-person shooter gamers need some light-hearted fun as well!

During Blackout, you can not only encounter zombies, but you can also grab that coveted Zombie Ray Gun. It is challenging to find, but not impossible if you are dedicated to locating it.

7 Worst – The Blackout Map Is A Bit Too Big

via charlieintel.com

Many who have played the beta of the Blackout gaming experience had mostly positive things to say about it. Players felt it was a polished version of PUBG. However, it did not come without its issues. The map for this game is pretty extensive. However, there are only 80 players involved in the Blackout battle royale. It seems as if the locations are too large to accommodate this number of players. This scenario means you might be searching around for enemies and have a long way to go to get out of the close-in zones.

6 Best – A Zombies Mode With No Guns…Sign Us Up!

via youtube.com (BlackOpsAmazing)

It is one thing to have access to the best guns around when facing the undead. However, what if you had to go through the zombie horde without your trusty pieces of metal? One zombie mode test player’s skill by doing away with all guns. IX takes place in ancient Rome and seems to have an Army of Darkness feel to it.

Gladiator meets Army of Darkness with a blend of Zombieland, count us in!

It stays true to the period of time it is set in by only allowing players to fight zombies with bows and swords. If your aim game is lacking, you may want to start practicing now.

5 Worst – Lacking Graphics

via news.softpedia.com

Nothing makes the gaming experience lackluster more than graphics that are not up to par. The realism of the game depends just as much on excellent graphics as it does to the storyline. Some who have played Blackout have been surprised about the subpar graphics within the game. One person felt the graphics looked last-gen and that much of the scenery looked washed out. Hopefully, some updates will fix this and make these graphics sharper.

4 Best – Transportation Is An Asset In Blackout

In games like PUBG and Fortnite, you are rolling the dice when you want to use transportation to get around the map. It seems that vehicles in Blackout are actually useful. A recent player discussed how they liked the ATVs, cargo trucks, rafts, and even choppers, as it helped them move through the game.

Basically, if you tip over, you won't expire. 

This is a refreshing feature. Some wonder why battle royale games even include vehicles because they seem to serve no purpose. Blackout seems to turn this on its head and make vehicles useful.

3 Worst - The Perks For PS4 Players Keep Coming

via valuewalk.com

If you thought the fact that they receive the game seven days early was annoying, wait until you hear about what will happen during the high popularity of this game. PS4 gamers will also gain access to the post-launch material a week before everyone else as well. While other individuals will receive the game eventually, it might make individuals feel that their admiration for the game might not matter as much as PS4 fans. What benefit do PS4 fans have for getting the game a week earlier? The only result is that other fans may feel isolated.

2 Best – Events are Back!

via ew.com

Much like the previous WWII iteration of the game, Black Ops 4 will include seasonal and limited time events. These types of features always add a level of freshness to the game, so nothing ever feels too stale or old. There will be new game modes and endless amounts of content.

Get your annual leave ready now, you are going to need it!

While specifics are still vague on this, many outlets have reported that gamers can come to expect regular events to jump into. So, keep watch on the game to find out when to put in your time from work.

1 Worst – Lack Of Story Building

via microsoft.com

While we did include the fact that story mode could be a pro on this list, we also want to acknowledge that this can also be a con for those who are invested in the backstory and personality the single-player story can bring to the game. This article does a great job of revealing why Treyarch’s decision to do away with the story does take away from the game’s original themes of “sacrifice, loyalty, and betrayal.” This concern is fair as Call of Duty has always done a decent job of showing the realities of war. Unfortunately, Treyarch felt the game would be better served going full into battle royale and zombies.

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