Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Beta Feedback Is Leading To A Lot Of Changes

After the Black Ops 4 beta inspired passionate fan feedback, Treyarch is making big changes to body armor, Tac-Deploy, and other things.

It's always nice to see a developer really listen to the fans, and Treyarch seems to be doing exactly that with Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4. The game recently concluded a beta test period, and fans were quite vocal about what they liked, and mostly disliked, about the direction Call Of Duty's multiplayer is going in. In response, Treyarch has already outlined how it plans to incorporate player feedback. Body armor, Tac-Deploy, and fog of war are the major items on the list of things that will be changed.

First up, and the most controversial according to Eurogamer, is body armor. Body armor is a piece of gear that is widely available, withe the only restriction being a level requirement. As you might guess, body armor protects the wearer from damage. It makes a player harder to eliminate, which is a huge issue for the Call Of Duty fanbase. Players of the game want a fast-paced, aggressive experience, so an item that draws out the battle frustrates them. Treyarch said it's already working on ways to nerf body armor, from increasing the impact explosives have on it to "impacting certain aspects of movement speed or protection coverage area."

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Another sore spot of the beta was the Tac-Deploy item. The special equipment of Seraph, Tac-Deploy is a placable item that allows teammates to spawn right on top of it. The intention was to give players a way to strategically launch a surprise attack by having teammates spawn in unexpected places. Players found it to be too much of an advantage, however, as the item lasted for way too long and gave the users a huge spawn radius. Treyarch is going to address that radius and reduce the duration so that Tac-Deploy can better match its intended function of sudden, short repositioning.

Finally, there's fog of war. The beta had a full circle around the player revealed on the minimap, but that was deemed too encompassing by players. Treyarch agreed, and reduced the viewable field on the map to a cone in front of the player, what one would actually see in real life. The full circle was turned into a perk for Team Link, hopefully emphasizing teamwork.

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Beta tests are so often used as rewards for players who pre-order a game, that it's easy to forget their other function of providing the developer with feedback before launch. Fortunately Treyarch hasn't forgotten, and seems to be working hard to incorporate feedback for Black Ops 4's launch. It's going to be a busy few weeks for the developer, especially with the battle royale beta coming in September.

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