Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Operation Spectre Rising: Everything You Need To Know

Spring has sprung, and along with a new season of weather, comes a new season of Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4If you’ve been looking for new ways to violently murder people in the world of COD, then Operation Spectre Rising (not to be confused with Overwatch’s Operation Storm Rising) should be more than enough to satisfy you.

A whole bunch of new content is being added into the game, including new maps, modes, weapons, equipment, and other various goodies. Let’s see what’s new with Operation Spectre Rising.


First, there’s a bunch of new changes to the game’s flagship Blackout map.

The Hydro Dam has apparently been the victim some pretty severe sabotage, as it’s been blown open causing most of the map to become flooded. The waterlogged areas of the map include Factory, Cargo Docks, Hijacked and the farm near the Firing Range. So if you ever found yourself saying “man, this map would sure be cooler if it was covered by water,” then you’re in luck. Alcatraz has also seen some gameplay improvements, which apparently will improve the flow of that area.

There are also some new playable characters, including old Black Ops favorites like Sergei, Misty, Sarah Hall, Blackjack, and even original Black Ops star David Mason.

If you have the Black Ops Pass then you also get the option to play as everyone’s favorite soldier/cranky old man/Avenged Sevenfold drummer “Uncle” Frank Woods.

They’re also adding some new game modes to the Blackout map. There’s Bounty Hunter, which will involve Spectre Stashes that will include a blade that will turn you into the Spectre Specialist class. From there you’ll presumably stab other players until there’s no one left to stab. The players with the highest kill count will be marked as Bounty Targets for the Spectre, so watch out.

The other new mode will be Ground War, which is a huge team vs team murder fest for everyone. You know it must be a good mode when the actual description of the mode uses the words “pure chaos.

Other additions include a revamped version of Down But Not Out, the DART Multiplayer Scorestreak, and some new weapons and equipment. Overall, it sounds like some pretty fun new additions to Blackout.


As for the rest of the multiplayer modes in Black Ops 4, it sounds like there’s some pretty good stuff being added in.

New Maps

There are a few maps that are being added into the game’s rotation. If you have the Black Ops Pass, you’ll have access to three new maps:

Masquerade is a map based out of Bangladesh. It’s a hijacked parade, complete with a multi-coloured snail wearing a top hat.

WMD is an old favorite making its return. It’s an “abandoned soviet base”, and looks nice for a bunch of snow covered empty factories in Russia.

Finally, Artifact is a map in Iceland where apparently “hunters have tracked down and unearthed an ancient zombie artifact”, which certainly sounds spooky.

New Modes

Prop Hunt is making its triumphant return to Call Of Duty. One team pretends to be various props scattered around the map, while the other team attempts to track them down and end their existence.

Capture The Flag is also being added back in, which is great for all of you flag collecting hobbyists out there.

There are also some Barebones modes that will come later in the season. Not exactly sure what a Barebones mode entails, but it’s probably safe to assume a lot of shooting is involved.

New Specialist

As you might have guessed considering the name of this event, the Spectre specialist class is back in Black Ops 4.

The Spectre class gets the Shadow Blade ability, which when charged, gives you access to a giant katana that you can use to slice and dice your enemies. The kit also includes a pretty cool smoke grenade, allowing you to get as close to a COD ninja as possible.


Just a bit of new Zombies content is being added in with this new season.

There’s some new Gauntlets for anyone brave enough to attempt running them. Gauntlets are round based challenges that add in new stipulations with each passing round. Operation Spectre Rising will add in the Super Blood Wolf Moon Gauntlet first, followed by the Labours Of Hercules Gauntlet later in the season.

We don’t know much about the Labours Of Hercules, but there is a bit of a description for The Super Blood Wolf Moon (which just sounds like an amazing band name). Apparently it will involve rounds like Pool Party, which involves having to “hit the pool table to sink the stripes and solids”. Meanwhile, the Be-Were round sounds like a lot of fun if you really like shooting werewolves.

There will also be the Classic Elixir Restock feature. This handy little feature will automatically fill your empty Elixir slot with a Classic Elixir if you use it during a round. However, the Classic Elixir will be chosen randomly, so you may not get something you want in that slot. But hey, any Elixir is better than no Elixirs at all, right?

There will also be Gauntlet Leaderboards added in, so you can brag about quickly you and your friends can kill the undead.

On top of that, the Tigershark LMG has been added to the Mystery Box. It sounds like a pretty cool gun on its own, however, if you upgrade it in the Pack-A-Punch machine, it will transform into the Smilomegalodon. We have no idea what the Smilomegalodon does, but it’s called the Smilomegalodon, so it must be amazing.

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Along with all of this, Operation Spectre Rising will also add in new weapons, camos, outfits, masterworks, gestures, death effects, and much much more.

You can enjoy this boon of new Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 content right now exclusively on PS4, but it will be available later on the Xbox One and PC.

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