Call Of Duty Dev Teases What Appears To Be Modern Warfare 4

Tweets from a former Activision employee heavily tease more Modern Warfare, bolstering thoughts of MW4 when combined with other leaks.

A Call of Duty dev has likely left fans teeming with excitement following what appears to be a Modern Warfare 4 tease.

The past day or so has been quite lively for the COD community with, not just one, but two fresh leaks having surfaced.

Robert Bowling, who worked as the community manager for Activision when the previous Modern Warfare titles were released, has dropped some cryptic tweets which suggest that the title's fourth installment is nearing release.

The developer, who now works with EA, posted short video showing Price, McTavish, and other MW crew members with: "I will let you down I will make you hurt //10.8.19//" as a caption on Thursday. He followed that up with another tweet bearing a mysterious voice clip, which can be heard below.

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While Bowling doesn't work with Activision anymore, these posts seem to be pretty believable, given he's likely to still have ties to the studio. The date noted in his tweet suggests that something's coming in October and that seems to tie into the expected June announcement which should be followed by an October-December launch.

Bowling's tease has been strengthened by another leak pointing to some sort of announcement set for June. An image - apparently snapped by a Gamestop employee - has popped up on Reddit, per Charlieintel.com, and shows the store's internal system displaying an employee COD T-shirt that's expected to be in stock by June 4.

This is something similar to what happened last March when Gamestop revealed Black Ops 4 merchandise before the game was officially announced.

via charlieintel.com

Of course, Activision and Infinity Ward will have the last word on this and we're patiently awaiting confirmation but the leaks and teases keep mounting.

Footage of college football players playing an unannounced COD at a private event reached the internet late last month. One of the players was heard saying "Modern Warfare 4" while checking out the game.

So it appears that an announcement regarding the latest COD game could hit us by next month. Let's wait and see.

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