Call Of Duty League Explains Its Logo Design Following Official Branding Announcement

The upcoming Call of Duty League revealed its official branding ahead of the widely anticipated 2020 inaugural season. Most of the information within a series of announcements was already widely known, such as the 12 teams participating and confirmation that games will start in 2020. However, the league also shared an official website and unveiled its official logo.

At face value, the logo is rather simple, maybe even a little uninspired. But the league took to Twitter to explain the logo in its entirety, showing what Call of Duty League will encompass and represent going forward.

The league explained the logo consists of three pillars that each represent different aspects of the organized Call of Duty scene. These pillars signify the fan community, the amateur scene and, of course, the professional scene (the Call of Duty League itself).

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The logo's largest pillar, which is at the bottom, represents the Call of Duty League's fan community. This is meant to express that the community is the foundation of the entire league. Whether traditional sports or esports, no league or professional organization can survive without a strong fan community. Acknowledging this at the outset sets a strong precedent for not only the logo but also the longevity of Call of Duty League.

The second, smaller pillar represents the Call of Duty League's amateur scene. This is one of the most interesting aspects of the logo announcement as it essentially confirms that Call of Duty League will have a "path to the pro" scene. This is much like Overwatch Contenders, which acts as the minor league for the Overwatch League and its teams. As such, it's a place to develop players and emerging talent. There's little additional information as to what this means, but it will be useful to keep an eye this on as the season comes closer.

The final and smallest pillar represents the league itself, including the professionals that comprise the Call of Duty League. Participation in the league is the pinnacle of a player's career. Without the support of professionals playing the game at the highest level possible, the Call of Duty League wouldn't survive.

The forthcoming Call of Duty League will be an interesting experiment. Questions linger as to whether the game can thrive following the Overwatch League formula of location-based teams. But fans have gotten a glimpse of what's to come, and the future of the league looks bright.

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