Owner Of Dallas' Call Of Duty League Team Talks About Their Roster Plans

Mike Rufail - CEO of Team Envy - took to Twitter yesterday to discuss the roster plans for the Dallas-based Call of Duty League team for the upcoming 2020 season. Team Envy is an esports organization behind both Dallas-based league franchises, the Dallas Fuel in the Overwatch League and also the upcoming Call of Duty League. In the tweet, Mike breaks down what the Dallas CDL team is looking for as well as their mantra going into the 2020 season.

"No Tilt" will be the focus of the Dallas CDL team this upcoming season. Mike Rufail described what that meant to the team with a playful smirk on his face. Tilting is a common term used in the gaming world and especially in the competitive scene. When a player becomes frustrated or angry and in turn alters their gameplay - typically to the detriment of themselves and their team - they are considered tilted.

It's an interesting mantra to have for the team, and one that can sometimes be overlooked. It seems that Dallas is focused on creating a core team with players that possess the mental fortitude to play to the best of their abilities at all times. Mike discussed that a lot of team issues exist in the professional Call of Duty scene and Dallas will do their best to foster an environment that can move past such issues.

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This will be important for Dallas going forward, as Mike confirms they are currently in negotiations with players for the team. Dallas has a history of putting together a solid lineup for the professional scene. Dallas Fuel had one of the most promising rosters in season one and two of the Overwatch League but couldn't seem to make it work either season. Hopefully, the Dallas CDL team can right some wrongs that were made when looking to build a roster for the future of the franchise.

Team Envy

Roster announcements should be coming soon for the Dallas team, as well as the other confirmed teams in the Call of Duty League. It will be interesting to see what Dallas decides to put together following their "no tilt" mantra heading into the 2020 season. Team Envy is a storied organization when it comes to Call of Duty, and will use their experience as they look to build a roster that can make a large impact of the Call of Duty League next season.

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