Call of Duty Mobile: Best Battle Royale Tips

Call of Duty Mobile launched with a plethora of content and game modes. Among those is the popular game-type Battle Royale. The Battle Royale experience was first introduced in Black-Ops IV and now the mobile experience is bringing it back. Like any battle royale, however, you've got to outwit and outplay a lot of people to even have a chance at winning. If you truly want to outlast your opponents and gain victories, here are some helpful tips to take into consideration.

Find Good Gear

The name of the game for battle royale-type gameplay is to find the best gear that you possibly can (or what fits your play-style the best). Though the gear you find throughout the match is randomly generated in each game, there are some things you do to put yourself at an advantage when it comes to grabbing gear.

Typically, Call of Duty Mobile puts more gear where there are a lot of buildings. The majority of weapons, ammo, and everything else you may need are located inside buildings. The allure of good gear can lead to some intense early-game fights but if you emerge victorious, you will be set up for the rest of the match going forward.

The better your gear, the better chance you have of taking the W. Snipers are good for when the map is still large and players are running towards the new area. Shotguns such as the Striker are effective at close range by putting the pressure on your opponent to move around enough to not get hit. Always look for ammo, as that can be a valuable asset late in the game.

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Find Shelter

When you first start out in Call of Duty Mobile, you might find it hard to move efficiently. Because of this, you are at a disadvantage when being shot at. You should avoid staying out in an open area to combat this during your Battle Royale matches. Standing out in the middle of an open area not only allows other players to see where you are, but it also makes you a prime target to be taken out easily.

Getting up high and setting up for a good vantage point can allow you to scan the entire area around you. You can often find players running to the next map area and if you have long-range weapons. If Star Wars taught us anything, it's that the high ground can prove invaluable.

Shelter can include the various buildings spread throughout the map, the bushes, rocks, and trees scattered around, or just anything that you can use to help obscure you from other players. Use the advantage you get from these things to give you the best line of sight and angle to attack your opponents.

Watch Your Map

Understanding your mini-map is essential in Battle Royale. It can give you a plethora of information regarding the area you are in, where the next circle will be, and even when enemy footsteps are near.

You should constantly be watching your mini-map when you have the opportunity. You can expand it to get a full view of everything that is going on. Being stuck far away from the new zone when the circle begins to collapse can either kill you are lower your health significantly. Also running from the circle can sometimes allow you to get killed easily as other players already established themselves in the new zone.

A big feature of the mini-map is the ability to see the footsteps of the opponents near you. If you can quickly identify where exactly the footsteps are in relation to where you are looking, you can easily dispose of the enemy before they kill you. Just keep in mind that your footsteps show up for enemies as well.

You can become a great Battle Royale player in Call of Duty Mobile if you just follow some of these simple tips. Gear, shelter, and map awareness can give you a positional and weapon advantage that can help you go far into each match and come out with the coveted victory in the end.

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