Call Of Duty Mobile: Best Scorestreaks

There is nothing more rewarding getting into a Call of Duty match, tearing up the enemy team, and getting your scorestreaks as you dominate your way to victory. Scorestreaks (and killstreaks) are a staple and big component to the multi-player experience for the franchise and Call of Duty Mobile delivered the goods when it comes to rewarding players in-game with their level of play. Here are some of the best scorestreaks you can earn during a match.

Hunter Killer Drone

The Hunter Killer Drone requires a scorestreak of 500 to use it. It is available to you at the beginning of your Call of Duty Mobile journey and is a valuable tool to use during a match. Your character throws out a small airplane that takes flight before diving to the enemy team and killing them. It can help you reach the bigger score streaks and doesn't miss too often if placed correctly.


The airdrop is a great way to get big scorestreaks at a relatively low level. To receive an airdrop, you must achieve a scorestreak of 550. When you call in an airdrop, you have the opportunity to use scorestreaks that require a much higher level if you get lucky enough to open one. While it may be a bit of a gamble, the airdrop is a valuable item that can benefit you greatly when you are at a low level.

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Predator Missile

The predator missile is a class in Call of Duty and is unlocked right away during the game. It requires 700 points, but when you unlock it you have a great opportunity to get some easy kills with it. This is especially true early in the game when players are still figuring out how to move effectively, setting them up as easy targets.

Sentry Gun

The sentry gun is unlocked at level 38 and will require a scorestreak of 800 to unlock it in a match. When deployed, though, the sentry gun can be a powerful asset to your team and a way to rack up the kills by essentially being in two places at once. Given the fact that it can be a little difficult to move and aim when getting used to the game, the sentry gun's auto-aim capabilities should rack up quite the body count.


The VTOL is the biggest scorestreak to unlock, but could make a massive impact on the game. To call down the VTOL, you will need to have a scorestreak of 1600. It is similar to the chopper gunner as the player is placed inside and can rain down devastating bullets from above. If a VTOL enters the match, it's game over.

Tactical Nuke

A thing of legends in the Call of Duty franchise, the tactical nuke is unlocked at 25 weapon kills. This means that you must get your 25 kills without the help of your scorestreak kills. This makes it a lot harder to achieve; but when you finally do so, it is all the more rewarding. Unlike other games in the franchise that featured the nuke, the match does't end after it drops but instead only kills the enemy team. This is closer to the mechanics of the MOAB in Modern Warfare 3, but it is still super awesome to get and a rewarding achievement when unlocked.

Call of Duty Mobile delivered on the goods for the scorestreaks they chose to include in the game. There are a variety of different options to choose from and when you are able to unlock them, the payoff is incredibly rewarding. No matter how a player chooses to play, there are great scorestreaks for any situation and these are the best of the best.

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