Call Of Duty: Mobile Introduces Fan-Favorite Gun Game Mode For A Limited Time

Call of Duty: Mobile has added a new mode fans should welcome with open thumbs.

The game's developers, Activision and Tencent, told players that a "classic" was on its way and would be here on Monday, October 14, in a community update. And with the day having arrived, it's been discovered that said "classic" is the multiplayer mode Gun Game, which happens to be a fan favorite. The mode is live in CoD: Mobile right now and could be jumped into at your convenience.

The Gun Game works the same way it would in CoD titles on console. All players start with the same weapon and need to rack up kills to get new weapons; every kill allows advancing to the next firearm.

The first player to get kills with all of the weapons wins the match. However, the last set are the hardest to register them with, given that players have to use pistols, sniper rifles and then a knife.

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Gun Game is a favorite among Call of Duty fans but, unfortunately, it's not going to stick around and will only be part of the mobile version of the game for one month. During the course of the month, though, players will get special quests that earn them extra XP upon completion - they will also be able to raise their battle pass ranks.  The Free-for-All mode will also be in Call of Duty: Mobile until this Friday.

The most recent update didn't only point to the Gun Game mode, also indicating that the game's devs are aiming to add controller support for CoD: Mobile. Requests for controller support have been rife, and it could be inbound soon enough, but you could check out our quick guide for playing the mobile title with a mouse and keyboard in the meantime.

Call of Duty: Mobile has perhaps exceeded expectations and was downloaded over 35 million times in its first few days post-release. It appears this mobile version of the popular first-person shooter will be updated quite regularly too.

There's not much out there as it pertains to new and upcoming content but there has been talk of a Zombie mode in the future.

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