Call Of Duty Mobile: Let Us Connect With Google, Not Facebook

Call of Duty Mobile is a great game. It successfully brought the historic franchise to the mobile gaming world and sparked new interest in the series. The game has set records since its initial launch and features a solid amount of content for a free-to-play mobile game. There isn't much that Call of Duty Mobile does wrong. However, there is one minor oversight that has people asking, "Why can't I log in with Google or Game Center?"

It seems like a simple exclusion and one that wouldn't upset too many people. Unfortunately that isn't the case, as a reddit thread sprung up regarding the ways to create an account in Call of Duty Mobile. When a player first downloads the game, they have the option to log in as a guest, through Facebook, or through Line. There aren't many options to chose from, and the ones that are available aren't the most enticing.

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When logging in as a guest, your Call of Duty Mobile account is directly linked to your phone. If you delete the app eventually or get a new phone, your account can be lost forever, making this the worst option available. Line isn't a very popular app in the United States, but is common in countries such as Japan.

The reddit thread showed the most concern about having to create an account through Facebook, where you authorize the app to gain access to parts of your account and personal information including friends list and other important data. It's understandable why people wouldn't want to allow companies or games access to their personal information like that, but there aren't many options to get around it.

People suggested that Call of Duty Mobile can make things easier by adding options to log in a few others ways which include Google (as well as Google Play) and Game Center (iOS). These options could allow players to create an account with whatever they feel comfortable with or is the most convenient. It would presumably be a simple change and in an age where there is a diverse range of social media options available, why not add Google and Game Center to appease the fans?

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