Call Of Duty Mobile Downloaded Over 100 Million Times In First Week

Call of Duty Mobile officially made it through it's first week of launch, and it's safe to say that it did pretty well. Call of Duty Mobile surpassed over 100 million downloads within the first week, making it the biggest mobile launch of all time. The previous record was held by Mario Kart Tour (90 million) which was also recently released, showing that the mobile gaming industry is absolutely thriving.

The mobile-based Call of Duty game already shattered expectations a few days into its launch by setting a record for being the fastest first-person or third-person shooter game on mobile to reach 35 million downloads, hitting that target within in its first three days of launch. The strong three-day start set the stage for a great opening weekend which continued to break records.

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 That 100 million week launch dwarfs games similar to Call of Duty Mobile. Fortnite was downloaded 22.5 million times, Apex Legends earned 25 millions downloads and PUBG led the pack with 26.3 million downloads in the first week. While still respectable numbers, they don't even come close to Call of Duty Mobile's numbers. This shows that general interest in a good, mobile-based Call of Duty game was there, and it's also a good boost to the franchise as it is set to release it's next big game with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

It's unclear whether the success of Call of Duty Mobile will directly correlate to increased interest in Modern Warfare, but it certainly can't hurt. The mobile game has built up some goodwill with the playerbase as it had polished game play and was a glorified "greatest hits" from some of their most beloved games in the entire franchise. It is an enjoyable experience where a few hours can pass like nothing, or one can hop on for a couple of quick matches during their lunch break. Call of Duty Mobile will hopefully continue to find success as it continues to move forward after its release.

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