Call Of Duty Mobile Enters Beta - Here's What We Know So Far, And How To Register

Call of Duty: Mobile has finally entered into beta after a seemingly endless wait on both iOS and Android devices.

Call of Duty: Mobile has finally entered into beta after a seemingly endless wait on both iOS and Android devices. Like most beta testing periods, certain regions will have access before others, but for now, eager users can head over to the Google Play Store and Apple Store to pre-register for access once it becomes available in more regions.

According to the most-recent blog post by Tencent on the Call of Duty website, "The first limited-scale closed beta test began this week in India. Soon, Australia will be next to start testing, and more territories are planned in the months to follow."

While the game has only been out for a relatively short time, there are already numerous gameplay previews showcasing the action. From what has been shown so far, the gameplay looks fantastic for a mobile version of the game. It is clear that the extended period in which the game was in China was used to polish the game, as few other beta games look this good.

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What to expect from Call of Duty:Mobile

There appear to be two control options, similar to Fortnite: Simple and Advanced Mode. Simple will fire your weapon for you when you target an opponent, and Advanced provides full control without such assists.

Since the game was first announced, a number of modes have been discussed for the game, including Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, and well-known maps like Firing Range, Hijacked, and Nuketown are all going to be a part of the release.

Character customization will appear in the form of selecting from a number of fan-favorite characters from across the series, as well as having custom load outs.

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Blackout, the version of battle Royale used in this series, is a bit of an unknown at the moment. The mode has not yet been confirmed, only hinted at. It stands to reason that there has to be something to compete with the other big players in the battle royale market, unless the developers believe that classic modes of the Call of Duty series can compete with the popular modes of today.

In addition, there still have not been any solid plans detailed about how the game will be monetized. As the game is expected to be a free-to-play entrant into the market, cosmetic items are all but sure to be included, as well as possibly loot boxes.

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