Call Of Duty Mobile: Every Feature Explained

Call of Duty Mobile has been the king of the mobile gaming universe since its recent launch. Here is an explanation of all the features in the game.

Call of Duty Mobile has been the king of the mobile gaming universe since its recent launch. It broke the record for largest opening week, securing a massive 100 million downloads in its first seven days. This is largely due to what Call of Duty Mobile has to offer in terms of game play: including, maps, game modes, weapons and items as well as a solid progression system for a mobile game. All of the features present adds to the allure of the game and will help it with longevity going forward. Here is an explanation of all the features that are part of Call of Duty Mobile.

Game Modes

Multiplayer - These are the standard features that are present across the entire Call of Duty franchise. The multiplayer experience on Call of Duty Mobile features classic games modes such as Team Deathmatch, Search & Destroy and Domination. These maps are played across a variety of maps that were once in games from the franchise such as Nuketown and Crash. Frontline is another game mode that is similar to Team Deathmatch except players always spawn at their set base.

Multiplayer also features ranked matches which you can rank up and earn extra rewards such as Weapon XP cards to use to upgrade your weapons. The rank mode will be ran in seasons with players getting the chance at special weapons and items based on how they rank at the end of the season. Ranked matches are played across three different game modes - Team Deathmatch, Search & Destroy and Domination.

Battle Royale - Battle Royale is a recent addition to the Call of Duty franchise, first appearing in Black-Ops 4. The idea behind the game mode is that you have to fight your way to being the last person in a match of up to 100 players. You scavenge for weapons and items along the way.

Call of Duty Mobile's Battle Royale features a new map that contains some callbacks to past games and a refined, smooth gameplay. This makes the experience enjoyable as you travel the large map, finding new loot and battling enemies. Like the ranked system, a player can earn points and climb tiers to get new items and weapons as rewards.

Progression Systems

Leveling Up Player - Like the previous games in the franchise, Call of Duty Mobile has a level progression system that allows players to unlock certain items, abilities, weapons and just about anything else someone can think of. Each level you progress earns you an item as well as certain levels will unlock various things. Battle Royale is unlocked at level seven. All of the scorestreaks are unlocked at different levels with the last one available once you reach level 54. Adding new loadouts are unlocked by leveling up and new abilities and perks are also unlocked.

Leveling Up Weapons - Weapons are unlocked through purchases, or leveling up traditionally and even in crates. Once a player unlocks a weapon they can gain weapon xp to upgrade it. A player can level up a weapon by using it during matches and gaining xp that way. Another way to level up a weapon is by using weapon xp cards. Weapon xp cards are earned by leveling up traditionally, purchasing a battle bass, by purchasing them individually or opening them in crates. There are a large variety of ways to earn weapon xp cards. When a player levels up a weapon, they can unlock various scopes and attachments to build up the guns of their choice.

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Battle Passes - Battle passes are also available per season that can be purchased by players. This gives the battle pass holder the opportunity to earn extra items by completing challenges and climbing tiers to get items faster. Buying a battle pass isn't necessary but it does make grinding much easier.


Thankfully, monetization isn't necessary to not only enjoy Call of Duty Mobile, but excel at it. Players can purchase CP which can be used to buy weapons and xp cards, but these purchases are cosmetic for the most part and can unlock the same weapons as a player progresses through the game. If a player wants some neat-looking skins, they will have to fork over some real cash to get them. Battle Passes can also be purchased which help you earn rewards and CP quicker.

Call of Duty Mobile is an in-depth gaming experience to mobile gaming. One of the biggest reasons for its already staggering success is the amount of content featured in what is a free-to-play game. Featuring classic maps, game types, battle royale, a solid progression system and a variety of unlockable content, Call of Duty Mobile is one of the best mobile games every made. With more features hopefully coming in the future (including beloved Zombies), Call of Duty Mobile is set to rule mobile gaming for a long time.

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