Call Of Duty Mobile: First Impressions

Call of Duty Mobile feels like a celebration of both the Black-Ops and Modern Warfare series, highlighting some of the greatest maps, weapons, and gameplay from those games. It is incredibly detailed for a mobile game and features smooth gameplay. Simply put, Call of Duty Mobile is great addition to the franchise and a big step forward for mobile gaming.

The graphics are incredible for a mobile game, and honestly, doesn't feel like much of a compromise when compared to playing on an Xbox or a PS4. That's how good they are. The textures, lighting, and environments are all well realized and I was impressed with how much detail we are able to put into a mobile game today.

The highlight of the graphics for me came when I played my first Battle Royale match. I decided to drop down into the Sakura area of the map and the gorgeous cherry blossoms placed throughout the landscape made me fall in love.

Like mentioned earlier, the gameplay is incredibly smooth for what I thought was possible for a graphic-intensive mobile game. There wasn't much stuttering or lagging except for a few moments that had more to do with my connection than anything on the game's end.

It plays just like all the previous games in the franchise in terms of gameplay; the same mechanics are there. Even the touch controls feel good, but the wonky feeling is there when controlling your character. I attribute this more to the nature of touch-screen controls than how they were designed in game.

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Of course, the free price tag doesn't come without drawbacks, primarily in the form of monetization featured in the game. The good news is that purchasing CP (you can earn these to get certain skins for weapons and such) doesn't put the players at a great advantage and seem more cosmetic than anything. I haven't purchased a single thing with "real" money in the game and I don't ever feel at a disadvantage. Battle passes are also available.

Overall, Call of Duty Mobile brings the long running franchise successfully to the mobile gaming arena. With fan favorite maps, weapons and gameplay, it's a celebration of the incredible games that came before it while also standing on it's own as a well-designed and optimized mobile game that should provide countless hours of fun right at your fingertips wherever you may be.

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