Call Of Duty: Mobile - Everything You Need To Know

Mobile gaming is continuously evolving all the time. The mobile gaming industry is massive and it looks like the Call of Duty franchise is looking to capitalize by throwing their hat into the ring. Call of Duty: Mobile is coming and below is everything you need to know.

The Basics 

Call of Duty: Mobile is looking to bring the Call of Duty experience to your phones in a free-to-play format. That's good news for any fans that want to try out the CoD mobile experience. The downside to this type of game is the understandable microtransactions that will accompany it. The game has to make some sort of money and microtransactions are the easiest way to do that. You will most likely be able to purchase purely cosmetic items for your characters and guns, but if the game becomes pay-to-win than it might cause problems.

As of now there is no release date confirmed for Call of Duty: Mobile but you can pre-register for the game now.

Game Modes 

The heart of the mobile Call of Duty experience will lie in its game modes so what modes does it have to offer?

It seems that Call of Duty: Mobile will be multi-player only which makes sense. The appeal of CoD on mobile devices lies in its multi-player capabilities. There have been a handful of multi-player game modes announced so far that should please fans of the series. Those modes include; Frontline, Hardpoint, Domination, and Team Deathmatch. It's safe to assume that Search & Destroy as well as a few others will be revealed before the official release date.

Also among the game modes will be a battle royale that will be similar to the Black-Ops 4 game mode. The battle royale type of game has become extremely popular the past few years and CoD jumped on it with Black-Ops 4. It was a success and they are hoping to carry that over into Call of Duty: Mobile. 

Fan favorite maps will also make an appearance in the game such as Nuketown and Crash, but it isn't known if Call of Duty: Mobile will strictly feature older maps or have some new ones tailored exclusively to the mobile game experience. The battle royale mode will feature a new map, but will be inspired by Black-Ops 4 battle royale map.

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Sweet Features 

Score streaks will be available for the game and you can unlock them by using XP that you earn through leveling up and playing in matches. It's similar to how they work now. There are a variety of score streaks already announced: Recon Car, UAV, Hunter Killer Drone, Air Supply Drop, Counter UAV, Missile Strike, Drone, Sentry Gun, SAM Turret, Stealth Chopper and VTOL.

Loadouts (classes) will also be featured in the game and will allow you to tailor your weapons to fit your style of play. You can choose between different primary, secondary, grenades, and weapon skills to customize your character to suit your needs. Perks will also be available making the standard CoD features included in the mobile game.

Does It Hold Up? 

Early reports say that Call of Duty: Mobile is a great game that brings a lot of the standard Call of Duty experience straight to your phone. It's a mobile game of course so its capabilities aren't as high as consoles, but the game play is smooth with very few frame-rate issues during play. The standard console Call of Duty experience seems to be mostly intact through the mobile game and that's good news for fans of the franchise. Like a majority of other mobile games that come from console to phone, the controls don't play as well, but that's to be expected.

All signs seem to point to Call of Duty: Mobile to be a solid gaming experience on the go. Fans of the franchise (and mobile gaming) should be excited about the possibilities that a game like this can bring to mobile gaming going forward. It's free-to-play so even the mildly curious won't have to invest much - other than a little bit of their time - into the mobile game. Call of Duty: Mobile is looking to bring the CoD experience right to your fingertips and now we just wait for a release date.

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