Call Of Duty Mobile Needs To Add These Features

Even with everything it does right, Call of Duty Mobile can take the game one step further by including even more features in future updates.

Call of Duty Mobile has been extremely successful since its launch. It had a record breaking 100 million downloads in its first week and it has been met with great reception from the fan base. It's a well thought-out and optimized mobile game that includes some of the best maps and fan favorite features from the entire franchise. Call of Duty Mobile is enjoyable to play and the variety of multi-player game modes, including the new battle royale experience, provide countless hours of entertainment without getting stale too quickly.

However, even with everything it does right, Call of Duty Mobile can take the game one step further by including even more features in future updates. Here are a few things we'd like to see added.


The Zombies game mode is definitely coming to Call of Duty Mobile, as the in-game menu features the mode — it's just inaccessible at the moment. There has been no news regarding when it will actually be made available to play, but the sooner the better. Zombies is one of the most enjoyable game modes in the entire franchise and a particular staple in the Black-Ops series. Given that Call of Duty Mobile is a celebration of past Call of Duty games with Black-Ops being a strong focus, it makes sense that the game will feature Zombies. Still, it's unfortunate that the mode wasn't available at launch and we can't wait to get our hands on it.

Emblem Creator

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Currently, there isn't a true emblem creator implemented into the game. Instead, players have the option to use either their own photo or choose from a list of pre-made emblems. They are mostly generic pictures that don't show a lot of originality or personality for a given player. A dedicated emblem creator feature won't make the gameplay better, but could help elevate the overall experience. Allowing more customization for a player's emblem would be a fun feature to include in the future and has been a trademark element of past titles.

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Custom Game Modes

Custom game modes in the Call of Duty franchise allows players to enjoy matches that are tailored to their liking. It allows users to tweak their settings, invite some friends and have a good time playing games that don't adhere to the standard rules of the typical multi-player matches. Adding this feature would be key for Call of Duty Mobile and should be one that they are serious about implementing sometime down the line.

Controller Support

The beta for Call of Duty Mobile featured controller support, but was soon removed following an update early in its release. This bothered fans as controller support is great for those who just don't like touchscreen controls. Call of Duty Mobile did an excellent job optimizing their touchscreen controls, but giving players options is never a bad thing.

Since a controller can give a player an advantage over others using just the touchscreen, an easy fix for this problem would be to put controller users in their own lobby. This will allow them to play others that have controllers and wouldn't put general users at a disadvantage.

Call of Duty Mobile is an enjoyable game with an already passionate fan base just a week after its launch. It's broken records and solidified itself as one of the best options for shooter games in the mobile gaming world. The sky is the limit for Call of Duty Mobile, and we can't wait to see what they add next.

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