Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Nerfs 725 Shotgun...Again

Infinity Ward continues to struggle with regards to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s most controversial and troublesome weapon.

Infinity Ward continues to struggle with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s most controversial and troublesome weapon. Another patch has been released in an attempt to tone down the dreaded 725 shotgun, which has plagued the game since its release last month. It remains to be seen if the current update can curb the oppressiveness of the gun. While the 725 isn’t the only weapon that has lingering issues, it is the most prominent.

The latest update of the game restricts the weapon’s overall damage range, both with and without attachments, as well as lowering damage fired from the hip while increasing the weapon’s spread. Previous patches to tone down the effectiveness of the shotgun have failed as the gun, as well as at M4A1 and MP5, continued to enjoy heavy use after the attempts to fix them.

While the situation isn’t as dire as it could be, you can rest easy knowing that the shotgun can't be used from insane distances, or serve as a replacement sniper rifle. Further fixes for the recent patch also include buffs to the AUG and nerfing another shotgun’s range, this time the Model 680, as well as routine fixes and tweaks to improve multiplayer game play.

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The good news is that Infinity Ward has been fairly attentive to the game since its release, and has patched many issues that have arisen from consumer complaints. At launch, the game was plagued with loud footsteps and issues with respawn locations that received patches. Subsequent balance patches in regards to the weapons have also been addressed - though it’s clear some weapons have needed more work than others.

There is no indication that Infinity Ward will take the nuclear option and take the 725 out altogether, which they have affirmed in the past, and there is no reason they should. As bad as the 725 has been in the early stages of Modern Warfare, we aren’t exactly experiencing another round of the 1887’s from Modern Warfare 2 or the MP-40 from WWII. Whether or not the 725 will be remembered along those two legitimately overpowered weapons is yet to be seen, but it is likely that this problem will be in the past sooner than later.

Source: GameRant

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