Modern Warfare: 10 Things We Learned From The Call Of Duty Alpha Test

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare comes out on October 25th, but what's been revealed so far has taught us a lot about the game already...

Modern Warfare gunfight four players on screen

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare comes out on October 25th, but PS4 owners got a chance to test out the new four player gunfight mode from August 23rd to the 25th. Infinity Ward is promising some big shakeups to both the campaign and multiplayer with its new title in the impressively prolific franchise, and this was finally the public's opportunity to dip their toes into the promising game's waters. After spending some time with it, we've found ten important things to note regarding both the mode and the overall game play. To make a long story short, fans have every reason to be excited for this year's installment in the Call of Duty franchise.

10 It's Extremely Fast-Paced


One already expects the series to be fast and require expert reflexes, but Gunfight makes the traditional deathmatch modes feel like submarine battles. A match ends when one team wins six rounds, and each round is only forty-five seconds, with the potential to go into a brief overtime. With this short time limit, people have to think quickly and enact their strategies immediately. Time is money, and Gunfight is stingy. Depending on the loadout, rounds can end in under five seconds.

9 Maps Are Tiny

Speedball map gunfight Modern Warfare

All of these maps in this mode are tiny, even for the paltry four players occupying them. They are small enough for people to easily lob grenades across the map, but players cannot immediately spam them because these are locked for the first several seconds of a round.

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Despite their small sizes, plenty of obstacles provide cover and some have vertical elements that still allow for surprise attacks. Bullets once again have the ability to go through the environment, so choose carefully which objects to use for cover.

8 It Does Not Reward Caution


Players only have one life in each round, with no potential for revives. On paper, one would think playing slow and steady would be the best route to go. Because of the small map size and fast movement of the series, those who play too cautiously will find themselves losing to teams that charge in full speed head.

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It is important to pay close attention to one's surroundings, as enemies can dart right by without noticing the player, but it is encouraged to keep moving and not stay in one area.

7 Camping Is Discouraged


Overtime initiates if no team has been eliminated by the time the clocks runs out. From here, there are three ways to win: eliminate the enemies the old fashion way, have the most health by the time overtime finishes, or capture a point that pops up.

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This prevents cowardly players from hiding the whole match with the most health since the opposing team can still win by capturing the flag. It's a simple, but effective countermeasure to camping, a strategy plaguing many FPS games to varying degrees.

6 Everybody Has The Same Loadout

Modern Warfare gunfight screenshot

Everybody has the same loadout that changes every couple of rounds. For the alpha, only a limited amount of weapons are in circulation, but it is a safe bet that the final release will feature a greater variety of weaponry in the game mode. Customizable loadouts are a series trademark and a huge draw for many fans, but this game mode ensures a level playing field for everyone. Those turned off by this have no need to worry; the game will feature the most in depth gun customization the series has ever seen.

5 Unbalanced Teams Can Happen

Modern Warfare gunfight in fire

It's an alpha, so hopefully this will be remedied, but as of now one will occasionally find themselves in an unbalanced match up. Players can leave a round with no negative repercussions, abandoning their teammate to fend for themselves against two deadly foes. Hopefully the final product includes disciplinary action for those who make a habit of rage quitting, or maybe a way of giving the lonely player a fighting chance against two opponents. As unfortunate as this is, it does give the lone wolf the opportunity for serious bragging rights if they happen to best the other team.

4 The Improvements To Animation


Call of Duty has always felt great to play. This is in part due to the fluid movement and visceral sound design, but the animation also plays a large role in this. Fortunately, Modern Warfare continues this trend. Reloading is impactful, cocking the shotguns is brutal, and getting a kill is more satisfying for the death animations then it is for the number popping up. Deaths have always been a weak spot for the series, but this game improves the way bodies react to the environment after getting killed.

3 Melee Still Takes Two Hits For A Kill

Modern Warfare stacks of tires

The original Modern Warfare introduced a new melee system to the series that killed enemies in one hit regardless of their health. This trend continued all the way to Black Ops III, where the base melee attack took two hits.

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The new Modern Warfare retains the newer melee combat system, and it works to the game's advantage. Instead of close combat encounters immediately resolving with a knife, players have to choose whether or not to melee or take a chance with their gun. It's a split second decision that may decide the outcome of the round.

2 The Game Play Will Be Familiar To Fans

Modern Warfare Pistol Reloading

Maybe all this talk about the many changes coming to Modern Warfare is having hardcore fans shake in their boots. After some time with the alpha, it is safe to say they have nothing to worry about. The graphics are notably improved, but moving, shooting, melee, and everything mapped to the controller is instantly recognizable to anybody who has played a Call of Duty game before. Aiming down the sights is still a big part of the shooting as well.

1 Gunfight Will Appeal To More Than Just Call Of Duty Fans

Gunfight Modern Warfare

Gunfight is a different breed of multiplayer than typical Call of Duty fare. It also goes against the general trend of making matches and player counts as big as humanly possible. While the game will have modes accommodating long time fans of the series and those who want grandiose fights, Gunfight will find an audience with people who typically wouldn't spend a lot of time with the game's online component. It has a more arcade feel and its lack of customization turns the focus purely to game play, leaving the meta by the wayside.

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