10 Hilarious Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Memes Only True Fans Understand

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the latest in a long-running series from Activision so let's take this franchise down a peg with some hilarious memes.

Call of Duty memes brings a great deal of pain to gamers, and the newest Modern Warefare is no exception. Other gaming franchises allow us to poke at their imperfections while still admiring the game as a whole  -- Fallout, Grand Theft Auto and Bioshock are just some of the many examples. But when it comes to COD it's mostly just making fun of all the things we hate, which tends to be 90 percent of the game.

It's been so long since this franchise hasn't disappointed and the gaming community sure knows how to show it with memes that sting so true we're surprised Activision hasn't gotten the memo yet (It's probably all the millions of dollars that makes it easy to forget). Oh and a special shout-out to Reddit for providing these.

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10 Rev Up Those Credit Cards


Name a better duo. Peanut butter and jelly; Batman and Robin; Call of Duty games and loot boxes. Yeah, we're putting our money on that last one too. Crazy thing, as funny as this meme is Infinity War has now made the bold claim that loot boxes will not be in Modern Warfare. Instead promising that items will be "unlocked through gameplay". What Upside Down, Twilight Zone inspired universe have we entered here?

This time around they've opted for Battle Passes -- an unlock system that has seen increasingly more prominence due to games like Fortnite and Rocket League. How true will all this be? Time will only tell.

9 Where's The Chill Activision?


Growing up we don't remember the type of abusive, game-ruining power that gaming publishers had, and that's because games didn't work like that. Sure, the gaming industry was bustling with money, but publishers let developers do their things for the most part and kept business out of the art. In 2019 this is not the case -- in fact, it's so far from being the case that business and video game design go hand in hand.

It's as if AAA games like COD and [Insert Sports Game Here] are built around business models. It's just tiring to have to continually see, but hopefully things are a changing -- probably not though.

8 The Cow That Keeps On Giving


This a meme and an idea that has been beaten to a pulp. Yes, we all know companies like EA/2K with [Insert Sports Game Here], Ubisoft with Assassin's Creed and Activision with COD that they'll continue to milk their money cows until there's nothing left, and then some.

This ain't nothing new, but it's always fun to bring up -- and truly a weird concept when you think about it.

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7 Don't Tempt Us, We'll Do It


You know we've been giving [Insert Sports Game Here] a hard time this list. While EA/2K's micro-transaction shenanigans should receive all the hate, Activision sure gives them a run for the money. Especially since they've actually released some quality games in the past, but due to their rabid release cycle, these same games get buried in less than a year.

Sure they're still supported to an extent, but releasing a successor so quickly and so frequently no doubt harms the franchise as a whole. The point of this is to say it'd be funny if one of this days Activision finds more players flock to an older game over a new release.

6 If Modern Warefare Flops...


Ahh backlash, it's become a staple of the video game industry at this point. But you know who's managed to avoid it for the most part until recently? Activision, surprisingly. You might disagree, but we'd argue that they've no doubt received flack over the years, but not even close to the backlash EA has gotten for misdoings like Battlefront 2 and their continual use of outrageously priced micro-transactions.

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It's been a different tune for Acitvision recently though, with the company receiving global backlash over refusing to pay a politically vocal Hearthstone player. While a disappointing COD release is far less sinister, it would certainly fuel a roaring fire of dismay towards Activision.

5 Exclusive Modes, Seriously?


This is such an ugly pattern in the video gaming industry, but it's just so frustratingly hard to punish publishers for. If this is a game that's been on your radar for a while, selling off exclusive modes to different consoles isn't so malicious that you're going to protest buying the game entirely. It's just scummy, something that you say "Come on, really?" to. It just seems extremely unfair that some gamers have to wait an entire year for content that is already in the game. It's such a low blow move to the entire gaming industry in general.

4 Competition's Getting Heated


For awhile Ubisoft was challenging EA for it's crowning "Worst Gaming Company" title, but Activision is putting up tough competition this year. The aforementioned Hearthstone controversy has landed the company deep in hot water, but that could just be the start of the storm. Fortunately for Activision, Modern Warefare looks like it's going to sell well regardless of how quality the game ends up being. Although it does seem like Activision and Infinity War are ditching a lot of the shady business practices that have garnered so much hatred over the years -- so we have our fingers crossed.

3 The Only Way Forward Is Going Back


When you take the Call of Duty way and release a game for what feels like every single day, you'll one day hit a wall. It's the same an issue that Disney is finding with their Marvel and Star Wars franchises -- over saturation. As cliché as it sounds, too much, even of a good thing is never a good idea, and Call of Duty ain't good. As a whole, it's, well, it's just it -- for better or for worse. COD couldn't get any crazier though, it went to space, added jet packs and laser weapons and now it's back to it's roots. It's safe to say everyone's happier for it.

2 Pixels Have Never Looked So Cute



Sure it's been said before, but it deserves some saying regardless -- graphics have come a long way. This is the first time in awhile that COD has advanced this far in terms of graphical prowess. Before that, you'd have trouble picking any of the last five Call of Duty games from a lineup. Not that the graphics weren't solid, if not great for that matter in games like Black Ops 3 and World War 2, but they lacked style for the most part. Modern Warefare looks so much different from any past COD games that this should at least be commendable even if the game does flop.

1 Let's Hope We Can Retire This One Soon


As much flak as we give the COD franchise it's only because deep down we'll always have a love for it. No matter how cynical you are or how elitist you are about the games you play, you've at one point or another enjoyed a Call of Duty game -- this is a fact. Sure the new ones feel more like an irritating drone that you want as far away from you as possible, but that doesn't mean you aren't at least hoping for a good game.

Good games are a win-win for everyone, and we're hoping that Modern Warefare is the start of Activision and Infinity War heading in the right direction.

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