Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Players Can’t Use Nuke Killstreak Due To Annoying Bug

The most recent setback that Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare players faces evolves around a bug that interferes with the usage of tactical nukes.

The success of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare hasn’t come without its share of road bumps, and the most recent setback that Infinity Ward faces revolves around a bug that interferes with the usage of tactical nukes.

Tactical nukes have long been revered as one of Call of Duty’s most sought after and gratifying kill-streak rewards. In Modern Warfare, nukes are only handed out after 30 uninterrupted kills. This is no easy task and usually serves as a rite of passage, so it’s no surprise that the inability to cash in on one of the game’s most high-profile features is being met with backlash.

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What was thought to be a one-off issue became public when Reddit user Maxo-- posted a video to the Modern Warfare subreddit with the tagline “Welp this blows. The Nuke that never was.” The video shows Maxo-- passing the 30-kill mark and attempting to activate the nuke to no avail. Instead, a notification reads, “killstreak cannot be used right now."

At first, other Reddit users speculated that, since the game ended a few moments later, the inability to use the nuke was just a factor of being too close to the final moments of the match. After the video started picking up traction, though, this theory was quickly deflated. Countless other Reddit users have chimed in citing similar issues, confirming that the no-nuke gameplay is, in fact, a bug that arose out of the 1.07 patch update.

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While it may be the most devastating, the inability to use the tactical nuke isn’t the first bug that Modern Warfare has dealt with since launch. Players have already put up with a bug that prevents high-level players from joining matches, overpowered weapons, a problem with weapon recoil, and a few other nuisances.

The devs have certainly had their hands full when it comes to keeping up with patches during the first month of gameplay. It’s not clear what exactly the root cause of the tactical nuke bug (or any of the bugs, for that matter) is, but it’s safe to say that it probably won’t be the last technical issue the game encounters.

Source: Reddit

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