Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Shotgun Could Have Been Used As Sniper Rifle Prior To Update

A shotgun you could use in the same way you'd use a sniper rifle? Sounds like a dream weapon, right? Well, turns out not really, you could have gotten your hands on one in the latest installment of the popular Call of Duty series.

Modern Warfare is still a very new game, having dropped on October 25. So the need for tweaks and balancing is hardly a surprise; that's just how it works these days. Infinity Ward has already released a patch but there are certain aspects of the game that hasn't been addressed - again, no surprise there.

The 725 shotgun was one of said unturned stones before today, and with the right attachments on there, it was the most destructive weapon in the game. Shotguns normally aren't effective for more than a few meters but some players had been using it to hit targets set at distances that would normally call for a sniper rifle.

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Some players have uploaded video clips of themselves hitting opponents from crazy distances with the 725. These hits were still powerful enough to register kills with just one shot. Of course, we don't imagine the game's devs meant for the shotgun to be this deadly, that must be why they've nerfed it, right?

While it was still available, players had quite a lot of fun combining it with some really impressive loadouts. One particular setup combined the firearm with a riot and other powerful weapons such as the claymore. And there's really no need to explain how effective such a loadout is in multiplayer.

Infinity Ward didn't immediately acknowledge the unintended buff but they've made a significant change. A Reddit update notes that the 725 Shotgun has seen an increase in ADS and Hip Spread while the damage range has been reduced. Claymores have also undergone some nerfing.

The devs appear to have taken a step back with the update, however, as they've removed the "Realism" multiplayer mode for some reason.

The complaints have poured in via various forums and they could possibly force a return. But we'll just have to wait and see.

Source: Reddit

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