Call Of Duty Social Media Accounts Go 'Dark,' Announcement May Be Imminent

Call of Duty's official social media accounts have announced that they are "going dark" and a new trailer might be released for Modern Warfare soon.

Call of Duty's official social media accounts have announced that they are "going dark," with many fans speculating that a big announcement will be coming shortly.

Publishers and developers are now in full E3 mode as the huge industry event draws nigh; leaks, teases, and rumors are rife and will continue to gather pace until then. Meanwhile, Activision has taken things up a notch by claiming that it is "going dark" before what could be a major announcement.

The next Call of Duty game, which apparently will simply be called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, should be revealed pretty soon. With that on the mind, all CoD social media accounts have gone dark, replacing all relevant art with black images and refraining from posting anything at all.

This certainly suggests that the CoD franchise has something huge up the sleeve and is likely gearing up to divulge something big. It has been reported that a trailer could be released for the new game on May 30, something which is given a modicum of credence by the fact that Activision usually announces a new CoD game right before E3 every year.

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The company doesn't host its own conference, but a trailer sometimes features at press briefings for either Sony or Microsoft (at times both). However, this time around it's more likely to be the latter, as the PlayStation manufacturers are skipping E3 this time around.

The Modern Warfare name has been more or less confirmed by several reputable sources and it's said that the game will be a reboot of its namesake, just without the numerals. It has also been reported that this year's installment will usher in the return of the campaign after Black Ops 4 broke tradition and dropped it altogether.

The last game still managed to sell well, having made the new "Blackout" battle royal its focal point amid Fortnite's popularity, but there were obviously a few complaints.

CoD fans will be happy to know that a story mode will be reintroduced to the series and we're likely to know a great deal more by May 30, if the rumors swirling out there are to be believed.

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