Call Of Duty: WWII Multiplayer Trailer Revealed By PlayStation

Call Of Duty WWII's multiplayer trailer was unveiled by Sony, and it shows off a series returning to its roots.

The first multiplayer gameplay footage for Call Of Duty: WWII has been released during the Sony conference. The footage highlights intense firefights in multiple WWII themed locals, with flamethrowers and bombing runs to boot.

This is the first multiplayer gameplay released for Call Of Duty: WWII, a return to the Call Of Duty franchise’s roots as opposed to the modern and futuristic entries that have defined the series lately.

The trailer showcases a variety of different environments, from snowy fields peppered with bunkers and trenches, to bombed out city streets that have to be cleared building by building. The footage also highlights some new weapons types typical of WWII; flamethrowers cook gas mask wearing Axis soldiers, mounted fifty caliber machine guns atop roving tanks turn scattering enemy infantry into Swiss cheese, and weapons are altered on the fly to adapt to different combat scenarios. The first alteration is a silencer hastily screwed onto a submachine gun, allowing the player to quietly cut down an enemy soldier and toss a grenade into a troublesome bunker, unnoticed. Different ammunition types are featured as well, as incendiary ammunition is loaded into a shotgun in order to smoke out a foe that is particularly well dug in. The trailer also features the use of vehicles; the aforementioned tank, and a bombing run carried out on an enemy stronghold by a bomber overhead.

Via: youtube.com (Call Of Duty)

The included footage looks pretty typical of an online shooter in 2017, despite it being a change from the franchise’s standard. The featured weapons and vehicles are a welcome addition, but to what capacity vehicles will actually be utilized is still unclear.


Judging from the footage, it seems that Call Of Duty: WWII may be taking more than a few pages from DICE’s recent success with Battlefield 1. Seriously, it seems like Sledgehammer Games is doing its best to say, “Look, we have that too!” We see a soldier driving his bayonet through an enemy’s chest, a stealthy melee kill looks to be carried out with some type of weapon that isn’t a knife, and a focus on vehicles that isn’t typical for the series. Not to cobble Call Of Duty: WWII's efforts, but right now it feels like a trailer for a lesser Battlefield 1.

Call Of Duty: WWII will be released November 3rd.

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