Call Of Duty: WW2 Zombies Mode 'Based On Real Events'

Apparently, Call Of Duty's newest zombie mode is inspired by history.

What’s the most authentic thing that could be added to Call of Duty: WW2? Zombies, of course!

Imagine you’re on Juno beach. Above you is a circling dogfight of fighter planes keeping German dive bombers from blowing you to bits. In the distance are Nazi machine gun nests spraying bullets at the oncoming hordes of allied soldiers. You dodge and sprint from cover to cover, tearing sleeves on barbed wire, until you finally make it to the enemy bunker. A few grenades later and the blare of the machine gun stops after two muffled thumps and a frantic, “Achtung! Grenade!” You take a breath, your duty done - for now.

Then, in the distance, you hear the dull moan of “köpfchen” (that’s German for “brains”). It looks like your breather is already over, since now you’ve got a zombie horde to deal with.

That was a true to life recount of how the D-Day beach landing went, with the allied forces having to fight off both living and dead Germans alike. Ok, it wasn’t really, but if Sledgehammer Games is to be believed, zombies are an “authentic” part of World War Two that are based on “real events”.

via DailyExpress.co.uk

In what has got to be the most ridiculous thing ever said about a zombie mode, Glen Schofield stated in an interview with Edge Magazine that the upcoming zombie portion of Call of Duty: WW2 was just as heavily researched as the rest of the game. “There’s some really authentic stuff in there. There’s back story that’s based on real events.”

We know that Sledgehammer sent a team to Europe to visit old battlefield sites in order to make some authentic maps for the upcoming game, but saying the zombie mode is going to be based on real events is a little out there. Maybe there were a few things lost in translation after the team started talking to the locals?

Regardless, expect the upcoming Call of Duty to be as true to life as possible, and even true to un-life.

The latest entry to the Call of Duty franchise is due for release in November for PC, Xbox, and PS4. You can check out more details on what we learned about Call of Duty: WW2 in our previous feature article.

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