Firewatch Devs Are 'All Valve Employees Now'

Campo Santo, the indie development team behind Firewatch announced last month that they would be merging with Valve, and working with them in their Seattle offices.

In an interview with Rock Paper Shotgun, Campo Santo discussed their upcoming game In The Valley of Gods, and what the transition from working as a small group of twelve developers, to becoming a part of a huge gaming company like Valve.

Sean Vanaman and Jake Rodkin, Campo Santo studio heads, discussed the current state of the company and how the process is going. Additionally, they clarified exactly what this move means for former Campo Santo staff, "We’re all Valve employees now, so for all intents and purposes Valve has got the team and owns the Valley of Gods, and the Valley of Gods is a Valve game so we’re making it here."

Firewatch is still a highly successful game selling copies consistently, and Rock Paper Shotgun inquired as to what exactly would be happening to the proceeds of the already released Campo Santo game. Vanaman said, "We can’t really talk about the terms of the deal unfortunately, but in terms of stuff with Firewatch none of our previous agreements have changed. We can’t get too far into terms."

Vanaman is highly optimistic and excited about the transition, despite how drastic of a change it will likely be. When discussing what Valve's intentions were during this transition from Campo Santo into Valve, Vanaman said, "I feel like the main goal – and this is me speaking as Sean – as far as I can tell and what I am learning and what would really appeal to me around the process is that the company is super interested and focused on putting incredibly talented people in the best position to apply their skills to whatever they’re working on for as long as possible. Adding people to the mix, pushing the company forward is really the main concern of any sort of personnel move or any acquisitions such as this. That’s pretty straightforward."

A lot of this deal is shrouded in mystery, but what audiences need to know is that In the Valley of Gods will be released by Valve and not under the name Campo Santo. Vanaman and Rodkin seem eager and excited about the move and changes, based on the tone of the interview, and hopefully the relationship flourishes under Valve's umbrella!

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