25 Canceled Video Game Sequels We'll Never Get To Play

Have you ever finished playing a video game and immediately thought afterward, 'Holy cheese crackers, this game was amazing, and I absolutely must play the sequel when it comes out?' Have you ever had your hopes and dreams shattered like a broken wineglass when you found out that the sequel was canceled? Far too often than every gamer would like, development on a game is halted and the release of the game is postponed indefinitely. I think that every gamer, at least once, has had a game they have been anticipating canceled on them.

The reasons behind canceling a game are numerous. Disagreements between developers and publishers arise, roadblocks present themselves to indie creators, and a shifting of priorities can occur at any time during a game's development. The list goes on. All I know is that it can be pretty painful for anyone who was ardently expecting that sequel.

Personally, the thing about video game sequels getting canceled that really puts lemon on the paper cut is just the idea that the game's potential is eliminated and becomes a big mystery. It could have been a piece of trash, but we'll just never know. Conversely, it could have been the greatest game of the year, and we will never get to play it. The uncertainty of it all is simultaneously irritating and heartbreaking. Understandably, you might not want to open yourself to that kind of heartache right not. However, read on if you want to check out some video game sequels that might have been.

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25 Chronicling The Halo Story

via: deviantart.com

This one hurts my heart most especially because I am a mega Halo fan. A game tentatively titled Halo: Chronicles was in the works around 2006. It would have told an intimate tale about a single marine during the fight with the Covenant.

I like Halo for the multiplayer, don't get me wrong, but the story is what keeps me coming back. (I know, that's a very odd thing to say about Halo.) Losing Halo: Chronicles was losing the opportunity to play a story-heavy Halo game.

24 The Boba Fett We Deserved

via: polygon.com

Most Star Wars video games we play revolve around the Jedi and the Sith. That is totally understandable and cool with us gamers because who doesn't want to play a video game with a lightsaber? 

Star Wars 1313 would have been different. Standing out from the crowd of Jedi-oriented games, Star Wars 1313 would have centered its story on the bounty hunter Boba Fett and his career while on Coruscant. The number "1313" actually refers to an underground level within the city-planet.

23 Bring On More Horror Things

via: thething.wikia.com

The Thing originally started out as an amazing horror film by John Carpenter. It got a relatively solid video game adaptation in 2002 that should have gotten itself a sequel. Instead, The Thing's sequel got canceled when it was barely in its conceptual stages.

Admittedly, the third-person shooter original was never my thing (pun unintended). But it would have been nice to see the game evolve. Who knows? Maybe the sequel would have become more horror-oriented.

22 Enduring The Fallout

via: reddit.com

It's ironic the Fallout 76 is releasing with some new aspects of online play. Years earlier, a Fallout game called Fallout Online was being developed as a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game.

Even with its feet firmly planted in the role-playing genre's soil, I've always felt that the Fallout universe would do well as an online game. Sadly, this project was canceled. However, maybe some elements of it will be found in Fallout 76 when it releases.

21 Aliens After Marines

via: polygon.com

Most would not consider the Aliens franchise to be ripe ground for creating a role-playing game (RPG). As seen with many Aliens games, it is clearly suited for an action-shooter or a survival-horror experience.

But oh, my stars and garters, an Aliens RPG would have been so awesome. It would have been a unique experience to have to role-play getting facehugged. Alas, thanks to the cancellation of Aliens: Crucible, we will probably never get to experience that.

20 Legends Never Get Canceled

via: polygon.com

Fables is well known for being a fantasy role-playing game. Fable Legends would have taken the series to a whole other level. The game would have been available to be played with up to five players.

Four Heroes would have faced off against one Villain on various quests.

I don't know about you, but that sounds like a totally awesome game to me. But as is usually the case with canceled sequels, awesome concepts don't mean diddly-squat in the face of a studio's closure.

19 Saints Row Slough

via: news4c.com

It's strange when a popular series such as Saints Row gets an installment canceled. You would think that popularity would prove to be a stalwart shield for such happenings. Clearly, that's not always the case.

Saints Row: Money Shot would have occurred after the second Saints Row game. However, its release was canceled. Several aspects of the game were leaked however, which allowed gamers a first-hand glimpse of the game that could have been.

18 A Ghost In The Stars

via: en.riotpixels.com

Blizzard's Starcraft contains a very deep lore that is to be expected in a game that takes place in space. However, as a real-time strategy (RTS) game, Starcraft does not always have the time to develop that lore. Starcraft: Ghost would have filled that gap.

Slated to be a third-person shooter, the game would have given gamers a chance to explore the universe that Starcraft had shown them. Unfortunately, the game was indefinitely put on hold and later canceled.

17 Splitting TimeSplitters

via: polygon.com

I think the TimeSplitters series is highly underrated. In an age when first-person shooters were just beginning to become ubiquitous, TimeSplitters rode that wave to relative success. Its graphics had a bit of a cartoony feel to them but that made it more endearing than those games that strove to look realistic.

TimeSplitters 4 was in the works, but ended up not getting released. Apparently, all good things must come to an end. Here's hoping someone reboots TimeSplitters! 

16 Smart Jelly Goes Away

via: youtube.com

Before developer Game Freak became famous for creating the Pokémon series, they made a game called Smart Ball. This delightful little adventure game had you playing as this little globule with a face through some platforming levels.

This little ball was called "Jerry." (In Japan, the game was call Jerry Boy.) Jerry was all set to get a sequel. Unfortunately, Jerry's sequel fell through. I guess the epic saga of that smart ball will never be completed.

15 Let Your Disappointment Ring Through The Hills

via: theverge.com

2015 was probably the worst year of my life video game-wise. That was the year that Silent Hills was canceled. The game had been extremely hyped up after it was teased with a playable teaser. The teaser showed us everything we could ever want in a Silent Hill game.

It was creepy and horrifying. It was good. And then they took it all away from us. Publisher Konami announced Silent Hills was being canceled after some disquieting rumors began surfacing about the game's future. My heart still hasn't recovered.

14 The Ragtag Project

via: denofgeek.com

This wound is a fresh one. Developer Visceral Games was all set to make a Star Wars game focused on a group of space adventurers that was totally story-driven.

The project was even called "Ragtag."

Doesn't that sound like the kind of Star Wars game you would want? (Though to be honest, I want nearly any kind of Star Wars game.) But apparently it wasn't the kind of game that publisher Electronic Arts wanted. EA shut Visceral down before the game could be completed.

13 Gaslight Gotham Gone

via: youtube.com (portiz 62)

Some great video games never even get past a conceptual stage. Plans were in motion for creating a Gotham by Gaslight video game that would set players and Batman in a Victorian English setting.

But the game was eventually canceled. 

Gotham by Gaslight was originally a DC one shot that told an alternate-reality story regarding Batman's antics in a Gothic fashion. A game based on this comic book would have definitely been unique enough to stand apart from the Arkham series.

12 Another Titanic Halo Mistake

via: youtube.com

I'm upset whenever I hear anything Halo is canceled. A Halo t-shirt design could be canceled, and I would be disappointed. But Halo's "Codename Titan" is a tremendous tragedy of epic proportions. "Titan" would have been a Halo-themed MMORPG.

I honestly don't know if it would have been any good, but it would have been so flubbing awesome to have played it at least. Its cancellation eventually led its developers to begin working on Halo Wars. 

11 It's Donkey Kong's Turn

via: goombastomp.com

Despite starting life as a side character in Mario's story, Donkey Kong grew to have a wide variety of games to his own name. One of the best is Diddy Kong Racing. Diddy Kong is the Luigi to Donkey Kong's Mario, and the racing game named after him is one of the best games in Donkey's line-up.

A sequel to it titled Donkey Kong Racing was planned, but ended up getting canceled. Hopefully, a future Donkey Kong game will give us a chance to ride along with that lovable ape.

10 Somewhere Over The Rainbow

via: unseen64.net

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six series has been around for a good long time. In 2015, Rainbow Six: Siege was released. You may or may not be aware that a Rainbow Six title aside from Siege was in the works around the same time and ended up getting canceled.

Rainbow 6: Patriots would have been what we were all playing circa 2011, but it was canceled for unknown reasons. Honestly, Rainbow Six games have begun to blend in with each other after so many entries.

9 A Mega Universe

via: wired.com

Creating levels on Super Mario Maker has been a blast ever since the game released, and doing something similar with another action platformer would have been awesome.

Mega Man Universe was a planned Mega Man game that would have allowed gamers to create their own Mega Man levels. (Is it just me, or can you already imagine what kind of horrors we would have seen?) Sadly, our imaginations will never be put to the test as the game was canceled.

8 The Blizzard Titan

via: tweaktown.com

"Titan" must be a really poplar name for video game projects. Just as Halo had a "Project Titan," so did Blizzard. Blizzard's "Project Titan" was kept under wraps for quite a while. It was only after it was canceled that details about what could have been were released.

"Project Titan" would have been an MMO game with a dual nature.

Characters within the game would have had daytime duties (like jobs) and nighttime feuds (like battles). "Project Titan" never got to see the light of day, but shortly after it was canceled, Blizzard announced Overwatch. So I guess I can't be too mad.

7 What The Fez?

via: dualshockers.com

Great indie games are always a delight. They are usually based on unique concepts that a Triple-A studio would not risk time and money on. Fez was one of those indies games. An adorable puzzle platformer, Fez was entertaining from start to finish.

As such, Fez 2 was highly anticipated. However, after an explosive Twitter conversation with one of Fez's creators, all plans to continue with a sequel were abruptly halted. This cancellation definitely showcased how not even indie games are immune to sudden cancellation.

6 A Failed Alliance

via: youtube.com

Most every gamer knows that the X-COM series is a strategy video game. It's a well-known and beloved franchise. The creators decided to shake things up a bit with X-COM: Alliance. If it had ever been released, Alliance would have been a first-person shooter set in the X-COM universe.

If you feel immensely excited by that idea, you were not the only one. Fans of the series, despite the departure from the usual genre, were excited to give Alliance a try. Sadly, they never got the opportunity to.

5 Falling Prey To Cancellation

via: digitaltrends.com

Prey was a successful video game, so it came as a shock when the plans for its sequel fell through. Initially, this was a bit of a blow for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the first Prey, and news of a second game following it filled me up with more joy than a helium balloon.

And after its cancellation, I was too deflated to even care about the fact that it was getting a reboot. But, honestly, the reboot blew me away too. So I guess there are no losers in this scenario, right?

4 Legends Never Fail

via: destructoid.com

The Mega Man Legends series is different from the Mega Man series in that it is a third-person shooter. Weird, I know. But the Legends series was actually not that bad. Turns out Mega Man functions well in games that aren't necessarily a platformer.

Mega Man Legends 3 was going to be made, but, as you can probably guess given the subject matter of this list, it was eventually canceled. Have you gotten your fill of heartbreak yet, or are you still ready for more?

3 Spikers, Not Strikers

via: youtube.com

Mario has played a variety of sports in a variety of his games. He has played tennis, soccer, and race car driving to name a few. Mario was going to get himself a volleyball game called Super Mario Strikers too, but cancellation struck our favorite red-overalled plumber.

Some test footage was leaked, and what we saw of Spikers, we adored. Its cancellation broke our hearts. Oh well. At least we got a taste of that volleyball action in Super Mario Odyssey. 

2 What Comes After Doom

via: brokenjoysticks.com

Sometimes, a video game's cancellation can be a blessing in disguise. Doom 3 was not what ardent Doom fans were expecting with its slow-paced, survival-horror feel. Doom 4 was planned to follow Doom 3, but it was subsequently canceled.

In its place, we got Doom (2016). If you haven't played the latest Doom title, I'm actually extremely jealous. You get to experience it for the first time. Without Doom 4's cancellation, 2016's Doom might never have happened.

1 Improving A Stormtrooper's Aim

via: wccftech.com

A plethora of Star Wars games have made an appearance on this list of canceled games. Perhaps the most emotionally confusing one of them all is Star Wars: Battlefront III. I'm a huge fan of the original Battlefront games. The campaigns for these games were awe-inspiring, and the gameplay was solid.

A sequel to these games would have been fantastic.

Instead, we got the reboot in 2015, which released with no campaign and a Season Pass approach, which was insulting given how much gamers had to pay at launch.

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