Cancelled Battlefront 4 Concept Art Featured Dark Luke And Obi-Wan

Criticism of loot boxes aside, Star Wars Battlefront II is a great game. It nails the look and feel of all three eras of Star Wars with fantastic accuracy, surrounding players with fully fleshed-out sights and sounds from the movies. Even the Clone Wars cartoon gets some love with the silly battle droid voices. Still, there’s only so much perfectly accurate Star Wars one can take. Sometimes you want to ask “what if?” Well, it turns out a Star Wars game was developed that asked that exact question, and came back with a Dark Side Obi-Wan...

Free Radical Design was a British video game developer that was hired to develop Battlefront 3. The game was even mostly completed before it was cancelled, according to Eurogamer. It was so close to done that Free Radical even started concept work for Battlefront 4. Some recently-released concept art shows the direction Free Radical planned to take for Battlefront 4. Scroll down to see, but it can be summed up in 2 words: Emperor Vader.

In this alternate storyline, the prequels would have ended much differently. Anakin would have killed Yoda and overthrew Palpatine, becoming a version of Vader that ruled the galaxy. He also would have done Padmé in himself, stealing Luke and possibly Leia to become his apprentices in the Dark Side of the Force. They wouldn’t be the only members of his evil army either. Concepts for a Dark Obi-Wan in all three states of Ewan McGregor awesomeness and a Dark Mace Windu were also designed.

But a Sith is nothing with Jedi to oppose him. So to complete the flip-flop, Maul and Count Dooku would have become Jedi. Dooku just ends up looking like Qui-Gon Jinn but Maul’s lighter tattoos look neat. There’s also a concept for poor Chewbacca as if he never escaped slavery, and is instead some sort of berserk hunter.

The rest can be found here. Unfortunately, none of these concepts will ever come to fruition. Free Radical’s work on Battlefront was abandoned years ago, and the company collapsed shortly after. The only hope now is that these designs going viral shows Disney that fans are interested in risk-taking Star Wars. Emperor Vader is one thing I would pay overpriced DLC prices for.


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Cancelled Battlefront 4 Concept Art Featured Dark Luke And Obi-Wan