Candy Crush Saga Has More Active Users Than Call Of Duty: Mobile

Candy Crush continues to crush the competition in the mobile market, beating out Call Of Duty: Mobile and Mario Kart Tour.

That’s right. To the great surprise of… nobody at all, Candy Crush continues to crush the competition.

Now, if you’ve any vested interest in the gaming industry - that is, if you call yourself any kind of gamer at all - you can’t fail to have noticed that mobile gaming is continuing to build momentum. We all have our differing opinions on this concept (whether mobile titles count as ‘real games,’ whether they’re just harbingers of microtransactions and so on), but we can all agree that mobile gaming isn't going away anytime soon.

We all know why that is, too. Mobile titles continue to be pushed for the same reasons that season passes, loot boxes and such are: because they’re lucrative. Just look at the last few months. Mario Kart Tour zoomed onto our smartphones (and into our wallets), only for Call of Duty: Mobile to arrive on the scene and swiftly remove Mario’s finger-flickin’ good kart racer from the top of the mobile download charts. Don’t get too comfortable up there, though, Call of Duty. Mobile gaming stalwart Candy Crush is reasserting its dominance.

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Via: USgamer

As Pocket Gamer reports, data for current active users in the United States reveals that the mighty Pokémon GO is still the most-played mobile title in the country. Call of Duty: Mobile is in fourth place, while Mario Kart Tour is fifth. Meanwhile, topping these two young whippersnappers in second place, it’s Candy Crush Saga.

Yes, certain gamers look down upon the casual, throwaway nature of a title like Candy Crush. Self-proclaimed hardcore gamers aren’t exactly going to be drawn to the simple color-matching action. The thing is, though, it’s exactly this mass appeal that is absolutely key to a mobile game’s success. The new Mario Kart and Call of Duty efforts are the flavor of the month (and so hitting high download numbers), but in terms of in-game spending, Candy Crush Saga is number one again. Pokémon GO is currently sixth on that chart, with nary a mention of the two newer titles.

Yes, some may scoff at the fact that Candy Crush Saga was nominated to join the World Video Game Hall Of Fame this year (it didn’t win), but it’s abundantly clear that the game is a pop culture force to be reckoned with. Not that we didn't know that already.

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