Capcom Now Sees PC As A Focus For Its Game Releases

It has long been a trend among third-party publishers outside of Japan to release a major game for both consoles and PC, but it has taken longer for developers and publishers in Japan to adopt the same model.

The recent success of many Capcom titles on Steam and Windows has prompted the company to increase its focus on PC ports of their upcoming games in the future.

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Haruhiro Tsujimoto (the president and COO of Capcom) has put a statement on the Capcom Investor Relations page that discusses the success of titles like Monster Hunter World and Resident Evil 7 on the PC platform. The digital sales of Monster Hunter World, in particular, have far exceeded those of the physical sales on PC.

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Haruhiro Tsujimoto explained that Capcom was able to expand into Asian countries in ways that they had never done before, which has helped their sales considerably. He went on to express that there will now be a push to promote their games on the PC platform and to expand their digital sales going forward.

Monster Hunter fans will be delighted to hear that Capcom is now taking the PC platform serious, as Monster Hunter World was released in January  2018 on consoles, but was pushed back to August 2018 on PC. The game still managed to sell a ton of companies on the PC platform, despite the additional wait, primarily due to the far larger market that PC gaming has to offer.

Haruhiro Tsujimoto also said that Capcom would be doing more to promote their esports activities, especially in regards to the Street Fighter series, which now has its own "Street Fighter League" that will become an important part of the series' future going forward.

Capcom has been hitting it out of the park over the past year with games such as Monster Hunter World, Mega Man 11and the remake of Resident Evil 2. It's good to see that they have started to wise up to the potential of the PC platform, and will hopefully make more of an effort to make sure that their games see a simultaneous release on both consoles and PC in future.

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