Guess Who's Back? Back Again. Capcom's Back, Says USA CEO Kiichiro Urata, Tell A Friend

Capcom has had a lot of reasons to celebrate over the past year, as they have released some excellent games that have sold a lot of copies and helped to introduce their classic franchises to a new audience.

The recent success stories that Capcom can lay claim to include the incredibly positive reviews for the upcoming Devil May Cry Vthe fact that Resident Evil 2 has sold over four million copies since it was released, the Mega Man series managing to wipe the foul taste left by Mighty No. 9 with Mega Man 11, and Monster Hunter World having an amazing first year, especially on the PC platform, which has prompted Capcom to focus more on PC releases for their future games. The upcoming Monster Hunter movie will also likely offer another huge boost to the popularity of the series.

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The recent string of successes for Capcom has prompted a response from the gaming media in the form of Capcom being back on top following a few shaky years. Matt Walker (one of the producers at Capcom) uploaded a video to Twitter of Kiichiro Urata (the CEO of Capcom USA) saying that "Capcom is back."

The reason why Capcom has had such an amazing year is that they went back to basics and focused on releasing great games without constantly trying to put their hand in the wallet of the fanbase. Games like Monster Hunter World and Resident Evil 2 only had a few minor items and cosmetic outfits available as DLC, with the former game's first major DLC being a huge expansion to the game, while the latter game had free story DLC in order to give the player several different perspectives on the events that happened in Raccoon City.

The only major blemish on Capcom's recent record was the recent addition of in-game advertising to Street Fighter Vwhich were temporarily removed following a backlash from fans and journalists. Street Fighter V has been a common source of contention among Capcom fans over the past few years, due to how barebones it was at release and its abundance of DLC.

There are a lot of video game developers who abandoned their main form of business in order to make pachinko machines and smartphone games, while publishers continue to force microtransactions and loot boxes into their titles with no regard for how it affects their public image. If Capcom is going to continue to focus on making games for gamers, then they should be commended for their efforts.

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