Capcom Releases New Mega Man 11 Trailer, Confirms Leaked Release Date

Update: We originally listed the Mega Man 11 bundle available at GameStop for 59.99, but the price now appears to be 49.99.

It is a good day for Mega Man fans. Capcom has unveiled a brand new trailer, featuring new levels, bosses, and story elements. Most importantly is that the game now has an official release date: October 2nd.

The trailer begins with narration presumably from Dr. Wily. From there, viewers are treated to platforming and boss fights. We also learn some exact details of the new gameplay mechanic: the Double Gear system. According to Capcom, there are two main uses. First is the "Speed Gear," which allows Mega Man to increase his speed, thus slowing down his surroundings. The second is the "Power Gear," which allows Mega Man to overcharge the Mega Buster. According to Dr. Light, the Double Gear "places great strain on robot systems." What that means according to Capcom is that if the player overuses the Double Gear, Mega Man himself will overheat, and he can't use the Double Gear until he cools. Mega Man will also be able to combine the Double Gear uses for a giant Mega Buster charge shot. Capcom does warn however, that Mega Man will be "severely weakened afterwards."

There is an incentive to pre-order the game. According to the trailer, those who pre-order will receive a DLC alternate soundtrack for in-game. As to what the soundtrack includes, the official Mega Man page on Capcom's site lists it as "eight alternative, in-game instrumental piano arrangements for the stage themes" According to Capcom's Japanese page, there will be Switch bundle that includes a new Mega Man Amiibo. (This is Mega Man's first Amiibo since his Super Smash Bros. one.) This bundle is available for pre-order in the west, exclusively at GameStop for $49.99. According to GameStop's listing, the bundle will also include stickers, a microfiber cloth, and a patch. Capcom says that the game will be playable at E3, so if you're a fan of Mega Man and attending E3, stop by Capcom's booth.

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Mega Man 11 is looking to be a great comeback for the Blue Bomber. The trailer highlights two new Robot Master enemies, Block Man and Fuse Man. Like previous games in the series, these bosses look they're going to be a challenge requiring the player to be constantly on the move. The Double Gear system sounds like a fun mechanic that newcomers to the series should like. If implemented properly, the Double Gear will greatly enhance the gameplay.

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Mega Man 11 will be released on October 2nd for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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