Capcom’s RE Engine Is Already Ready To Run Next-Gen Console Games

Capcom is notorious for repeatedly porting its games and it seems that the company is already preparing to do so for the PlayStation 5 and the successor to the Xbox One.

Capcom has released an English translation of the Q&A session that was held as part of its last Financial Results Briefing. Questions were asked concerning the potential sales of Monster Hunter: Iceborne, the future of the Street Fighter series, and about the company's upcoming release schedule.

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One question that came up involved Capcom's relationship with the next generation of hardware, which is rumored to already be in the hands of some developers.

Q. Tell me about Capcom’s strengths relating to the next generation of hardware.

A. The games we developed using the RE ENGINE during this current hardware generation have received critical acclaim, and from the early stages of building this engine, we kept the ability to augment it for next-generation development in mind; as such, we view the RE ENGINE as one of our strengths that will contribute to next-generation game creation.

Via Capcom

The RE Engine is the name of the gaming engine that Capcom has used to make several titles during the current console generation, including Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Devil May Cry 5, and the remake of Resident Evil 2. The same engine will likely also be used for the remake of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, which is rumored to be in development.

It seems that the RE Engine has been designed with future proofing in mind, which means that there will likely be new editions of the RE Engine games released for the PlayStation 5 and the successor to the Xbox One at launch. Capcom has spent years porting games in the Resident Evil and Street Fighter series to multiple platforms, with Resident Evil 4 due to be released for the Nintendo Switch soon (making it the umpteenth port of the game) so it seems that they are just doing what comes naturally in regards to the next generation of consoles. With that being said - Devil May Cry 5, Resident Evil 2, and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard are all excellent games and they would be worthy additions to the library of any console.

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