Capcom Pledges Yet Again To Revive "Dormant" IPs

Now, the company promises more of the same moving into the future.

According to Metro.co.uk, the game development and publishing company behind series like Mega Man, Resident Evil, and Dead Rising will be bringing back additional classic series in the style of Devil May Cry 5 with a "three-point plan." The plan entails strengthening digital sales, increasing the duration of developmental support for Capcom launches, and awakening "dormant intellectual properties."

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As such, the three-point plan calls into question what dormant franchises have yet to reawaken. Capcom has yet to touch multiple classic franchises that have been dormant for a while. Such franchises include titles like Bionic Commando, Mega Man Legends, Viewtiful Joe, and Strider.

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While Dino Crisis is being remade by fans, the game is a leading contender as a classic franchise that has yet to be reawakened. As a series that flew under the radar for many, a return from the series in the form of a sequel or modern remake would allow Dino Crisis more time in the spotlight for existing fans and potential players.

Perhaps Capcom is looking to gauge fan interest in older franchises with the upcoming Capcom Home Arcade. While the console won't include Dino Crisis, it will include Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting, Final Fight, Mega Man: The Power Battle, and others.

It has been confirmed there is a new Mega Man title in the works. However, this confirmation is likely unconnected to the dormant series to be awakened since the series has been regularly active for a while.

Onimusha could also be among the dormant series yet to be revitalized. An HD remaster of the game had been released earlier this year on PC and all major consoles. As such, Capcom might be gearing up for a revitalization of the Onimusha series after having gauged interest from the success of the HD remaster.

Of course, there are series' beyond the Onimusha series that could feasibly be remade for new audiences. Ultimately, only time will tell what Capcom will attempt to bring back from the brink of extinction.

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