Huge Capcom Sale Is Offering Fan Favorite Games For Up To 80% Off

Devoted fans of Capcom will be delighted to know that the company is running a week-long sale through the PlayStation Store. The sale will enable players to purchase many hit Capcom titles for up to 80% off until July 9th.

Capcom has created a long list of fantastic games over the years with Resident Evil and Monster Hunter among its most successful franchises to date. While you can purchase many older Capcom titles online in physical form, there has been a notable increase in the popularity of purchasing them through various digital stores. During this time, the company hasn't been free of controversy, as it has been caught requiring users to pay for content that was already placed within the game's core files. Although Capcom has had sales like this one in the past, this sale promises to be one of the company's biggest to date, including games in both the Resident Evil and Monster Hunter series going for an 80% discount for a week straight.

Given the flack that the company has received in recent years due to its unwillingness to release certain games outside of Japan and the fact that it has suddenly canceled games after support from the community without a reason, this is certainly a nice change. It shows that the company is aware of its faults and is perhaps its way of repairing the relationship it has built with consumers the world over.

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The news comes from Electric Bento, who states that the sale will run from July 2nd until July 9th on the PlayStation Network. While some titles may receive smaller discounts than others, most will have their prices slashed by at least 20%, with titles from other iconic series like Dead Rising, Devil May Cry, and Darkstalkers getting a reduction of up to 80% off. Although the sale is only available to PSN users currently, it's possible that Capcom will extend the sale later to other platforms if the current sale is successful.

With the rise in the cost of individual games, it's always nice to see a company take the initiative to alleviate the price of its products whenever possible. This decision seems to indicate that Capcom is committed to their consumer base and that they recognize the amount of support they have gotten over the years and want to give back a little bit.

While this is something that many may wish Capcom should do on a more consistent basis, it's hard to complain when so many great titles are getting such a sizable reduction. Hopefully, the PlayStation Store sale generates a lot of traction and causes the company to enact a similar sale on other platforms in the future.

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