Capcom Still Wants To Make DMC: Devil May Cry 2, But Only If Ninja Theory Develops It

The Devil May Cry series seems to be back after years of lying dormant and presumably dead. Devil May Cry 5 garnered a large number of positive reviews, and the sales have been incredibly strong.  As a result, Capcom could be looking to make more Devil May Cry games, which would make sense.

What doesn't make sense is that one of the Devil May Cry games they'd like to make is a sequel to DMC.

DMC: Devil May Cry was the reboot of the Devil May Cry series that no one really asked for, and when it came out, no one really wanted it. It actually sold and even reviewed well enough, but to say the general fan reaction was pretty negative would be an understatement. The new, short brown haired, brooding, too cool for school, meth addict looking Dante was not a redesign that sat well with fans of the series. The gameplay itself was actually pretty decent, but the overall aesthetic and "edgy" story were considered to be a severe downgrade from the goofiness that comes with Devil May Cry. The reboot was so poorly received that it almost killed the Devil May Cry series once and for all.

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Despite that, in a recent interview Capcom producer Matt Walker revealed they really wanted to make a sequel to DMC, and seriously thought it would happen. On whether they were still entertaining the idea of the game being made, he would state that: "We'd still love to see a sequel, but we think it absolutely has to be made by Ninja Theory - so much of the amazing style and substance in that game was only possible because they have such a knack for what's cool."

Ninja Theory has made some pretty cool games in the time since DMC shipped, but fans certainly didn't think the game was all that cool compared to the main Devil May Cry series. However, now that Devil May Cry is seemingly back from the brink of death, it could be an interesting idea to run the main Devil May Cry series, and have the DMC series function as a spin off series. Although that could also be pretty confusing, as some fans who are new to Devil May Cry could have a hard time figuring out why there were two separate franchises starring two separate Dantes.

There's also the issue of Ninja Theory now being owned by Microsoft, which would probably complicate matters. It's likely that right now Ninja Theory is working on something to launch on Microsoft's newest Xbox, so a DMC sequel probably wouldn't be happening any time soon. Still, if Capcom and Microsoft agreed to work together, designing a DMC game that would be exclusive to Microsoft's hardware doesn't sound like the worst idea. After all, the Xbox could definitely use some exclusives.

Overall the interview doesn't indicate that a DMC: Devil May Cry 2 is anywhere close to being developed in the near future. It does however seem like the idea is still on the table if Ninja Theory, Microsoft, and Capcom all want it to exist.  No one thought we were ever going to get Devil May Cry 5, and that ended up coming out this year. So maybe we haven't seen the last of Ninja Theory's emaciated Dante doppelganger just yet.

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