15 Superpowers Captain Marvel Keeps Hidden (And 10 Strange Weaknesses)

The release of Captain Marvel is highly anticipated by pretty much every fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe — shortened to MCU for obvious reasons — and it's easy to see why this is the case. After all, the ending of Avengers was an absolute doozy, and fans have been clamoring for the better part of a year to figure out exactly what lies in store for the superhero group. The post-credits scene featured a snippet of Captain Marvel's logo, which was more than enough to build up the hype for what might just be one of the most powerful superheroes ever to grace the big screen... well, except for Superman, but that's pretty obvious. The trailers have already dropped, and fans can't wait until the movie hits the big screen on Friday. It's a release that is being waited for with bated breath all over the world.

Of course, not every fan of the MCU is well-versed with the comics — in fact, it must be said that there are several questions people have when it comes to the powers of Captain Marvel. After all, what helps her qualify in the first place to take the top spot as one of the most powerful superheroes of all time if she hasn't really been featured heavily at all in any of the movies before this? While the movie will help answer any of the queries that you might understandably be facing at this point, the fact of the matter is that there are certain weaknesses of Captain Marvel that you also need to be aware of. So, here are 15 hidden superpowers, coupled with 10 weaknesses exclusive to her character.

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25 STRENGTH: Her "Binary" Form

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One of Captain Marvel's major strengths is the fact that she can tap into an incredibly powerful form called "Binary," allowing her to reach the peak of her power and dish out absolutely spectacular damage.

This form has been teased in the trailers.

One can only wonder whether the movie will show the true extent of her power, but we do hope that is the case. After all, the visual spectacle that will greet us would be nothing short of extraordinary.

24 STRENGTH: She Can Turn Into A Human Star

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One of the major reasons why we're stoked to see Captain Marvel's Binary form in action is because of the fact that the visual treat that we'll be able to feast upon would be nothing short of extraordinary.

After all, she can legit become a second sun of sorts.

No, we're not kidding — after reaching a certain level of power, it's very much possible that the superheroine is able to channel the very power of a star itself and turn into a destructive force to be reckoned with.

23 WEAKNESS: Energy Fatigue And Depletion

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However, Captain Marvel is not an impervious superhero. She has her own fair share of flaws that need to be taken into account at all time, especially if one wishes to take this character seriously.

One such weakness is energy fatigue.

After channeling the Binary form, Captain Marvel is not able to use her powers properly for the longest time. Only time will tell how big of a role this drawback will play in the MCU.

22 STRENGTH: Gravity Control

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Of course, Captain Marvel's Binary form doesn't just allow her to become extremely powerful and hot (because of her ability to channel a star's power. not because... nevermind), it also provides her with an ability — no matter how minor it might be — to manipulate gravity as well.

Using her power, she can create, shape, alter, and manipulate gravity around her, providing her with a key battle advantage that can play a major role in her fights.

21 WEAKNESS: Can Have Her Powers Stolen

Via: Game Informer

You know for a fact that any person who has such major power would also have people coveting said power. This is the case with Captain Marvel, who has her fair share of enemies that want to take her power and use it for their own nefarious purposes.

Rogue's attempt in doing the same is perhaps the most well-documented effort in the Marvel Universe. While she was able to successfully steal Captain Marvel's powers, it came at the cost of her own sanity since Rogue wasn't able to decipher the memories she'd also accidentally absorbed.

20 STRENGTH: Easy Flight

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Of course, how can we make the bold claim of saying that Captain Marvel is one of the most powerful Marvel superheroes if she doesn't have a convenient mode of transport available at her behest?

So, it should be pretty obvious at this point that Captain Marvel also has the ability to fly as well, allowing her to travel great distances with ease. It's an ability that would definitely play a major role in ensuring that little to no problems come in the way of her addressing any and all danger around her.

19 WEAKNESS: Hot-Headed

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However, while Captain Marvel might be one of the strongest Avengers, she's not exactly the brightest. Of course, one might argue that she doesn't really need to be all that smart with her vast litany of powers, but that still doesn't mean that every situation should be met with brute force.

Certain situations that require a delicate touch can be taken care of with some pondering, but Captain Marvel — being the hothead that she is — won't think twice before jumping into the situation.

18 STRENGTH: Can Survive In Space

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Space is a mystery that most people would absolutely love to explore, but the human body needs to follow a ton of precautions before being able to accomplish the same. However, this is not the case with Captain Marvel, who's half-human and half-Kree body can allow her to withstand the toughest conditions.

This includes having the ability to deal with the adverse effects caused by space and the ability to freely roam around without incurring any major damage to her body.

It's a power that most people can only dream of having.

17 STRENGTH: An Incredible Immune System

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Poisons and toxins generally prove to be the bane of most superheroes, causing them to experience debilitating effects that can throw a pretty sizeable wrench in their crime-fighting plans. However, this isn't a problem that affects someone as powerful as Captain Marvel.

She has an amazing immune system, meaning that little to no problems will affect her body in case she happens to be poisoned or be exposed to a disease. It's just one of the many ways in which her character is able to retain her awesome power.

16 WEAKNESS: Shacked By Human Feelings

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Unfortunately, it seems that Captain Marvel wasn't able to shake off the cobwebs attached with having a human body after going through the experiment that fused her with the Kree alien Mar-Vell. While she might've attained a ton of powers, there was one problem that stuck with her — a human consciousness.

There are multiple instances in the comics when Carol Danvers faces a tough situation... only to break down because she doesn't have the mental capacity to deal with such an adverse event.

15 STRENGTH: Energy Absorption

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One of the major powers of Captain Marvel is her ability to absorb any form of energy thrown against her, essentially using her defensive capabilities to attain power and turn it into an offense of sorts against any enemy that might stand in her way.

In fact, one of the ways in which Captain Marvel can attain her Binary form is by absorbing as much power as possible and transforming into an ultra-powerful being.

The lessons that her enemies need to take away from this is to not use any form of energy against this formidable adversary.

14 WEAKNESS: Ineffective Against Magical Energy


However, while normal energy might do nothing to faze Captain Marvel, the same can't be said for her prowess against magical energy. One might assume that there might be no difference, but whoo boy — you have no idea just how wrong you actually are.

Captain Marvel is woefully unequipped to deal with the adverse effects of magical energy. It's an absolute pain for her to deal with these attacks, which is why most people believe that Doctor Strange can actually give Captain Marvel a run for her money, if not defeat her outright.

13 STRENGTH: Cosmic Awareness

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There's a seventh sense present in Captain Marvel that allows her to detect any dangers to her being and take care of them accordingly. It's a cosmic awareness of sorts that stretches throughout the galaxy and provides her with the knowledge needed to survive in a tough situation if need be.

This is the reason why it's called a seventh sense and not a sixth sense — the very fact that Captain Marvel can stretch this capability across the universe is a massive power, easily triumphing over the "Spidey-Sense" that seems almost puny in comparison.

12 WEAKNESS: Frequent Memory Loss

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The trailer itself was proof enough of this point — Captain Marvel has lost her memory multiple times over the course of the series, meaning that the task to figure out who she actually is has served as a major weakness time and time again.

This is not the only instance of Captain Marvel losing her memory — during certain events, a tumor grew in Carol Danvers' brain which became more severe as she used her power of flight. After a while, this tumor spread across her entire brain, and she ended up losing her memory... again.

11 STRENGTH: Might Be Able To Cast Illusions

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Now, all of this is pure speculation since Captain Marvel is yet to exhibit any of these qualities. However, the fact of the matter is that it might be completely possible for Captain Marvel to have a power that can let her cast illusions if need be.

We say this mainly because of the fact that the alien that she fused with — the Kree Mar-Vell — also had the ability to cast illusions. If this alien is within her, then there's no reason as to why Captain Marvel shouldn't be able to do the same.

10 STRENGTH: Might Be Able To Teleport

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Again, we're speaking strictly in speculative terms, but it still needs to be stated nevertheless — there's a high chance that flight might become a redundant ability for Captain Marvel over time. We say this because it's possible that teleportation is one of the superheroine's powers.

This is a power that was again reserved for Mar-Vell, so to state that Carol Danvers is capable of accomplishing the same might be a tad too much. However, anything's possible within the realm of fantasy, so this simply cannot be written off.

9 WEAKNESS: Susceptible To Possession

Via: scmp.com

The mind is not Captain Marvel's forte — it's a statement that we've made time and time again in this article. Carol's human half is a detriment in this regard, which means that there's bound to be some fishy business in this regard.

There are numerous telepaths over the course of the Marvel comic series that have taken advantage of this fact and possessed Captain Marvel in a bid to fuel their own nefarious plans.

8 STRENGTH: Movement Faster Than The Speed Of Sound

Via: ETOnline

We've already talked about the power of flight that Captain Marvel possesses, but the one thing we haven't focused on is the speed at which this movement is carried out. The fact of the matter is that this speed can actually reach — if not surpass — the speed of sound!

You heard that right — Captain Marvel is able to break the sonic barrier with her flight! With this power, do you really think she needs the teleport ability that we've briefly touched upon in one of the previous entries?

7 WEAKNESS: Susceptible To Mind Control

via slashfilm.com

The limitation of the mind comes into play again when it comes to Carol Danvers, with mind control being an annoying factor that has served as a detriment to her immense powers. You might think that mind control is somewhat similar to possession, but there are key differences that make both these things somewhat different.

Various villains have used mind control tricks to take control of Captain Marvel's motor functions and turn her against her allies.

Pretty much anyone would dread having to fight one of the most powerful beings in the universe.

6 STRENGTH: Combat Training Prior To Becoming Captain Marvel

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Whoo boy. It wasn't enough for Captain Marvel to obtain the powers of a Kree and become one of the most powerful superheroes around. Nope, she also had to obtain military training beforehand as well!

For all those unaware about this fact, Carol Danvers was actually a former United States Air Force before receiving cosmic powers. So, in a way, she already had an advantage prior to receiving these powers?

Fair? Not really, but who cares.

5 WEAKNESS: Susceptible To Brainwashing

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Well, here we go with the topic of Carol's brain again. It seems that when it comes to weaknesses, the biggest problem that Carol faces is none other than herself — or, to be more precise, it's the human half of her that just can't stop causing problems to herself!

Brainwashing is a critical plot device in the Marvel universe, and Captain Marvel has been at the receiving end of this brainwash quite a few times. Her failure to resist these attempts are quite telling of how weak her mind actually is.

4 STRENGTH: Healing Factor

via polygon.com

So, as we've already discussed before, Captain Marvel is able to absorb energy attacks and actually become stronger in the process. This, coupled with her superhuman strength and durability — because of course, she has that as well — basically makes her impervious to any injuries as well.

However, if that wasn't overpowered enough as is, guess what — Captain Marvel also has regenerative powers! This means that, even if she does manage to get herself injured, she will heal up in a jiffy.

3 STRENGTH: Near-Unlimited Stamina

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The stamina of Captain Marvel is the stuff of legends and something that we humans would pine for. I mean, just imagine being able to run for days — if not months — on end without so much so as breaking a sweat.

This is exactly what Captain Marvel is able to accomplish.

With an almost-absolute ability to never get tired no matter what the situation might be, it must be said that Captain Marvel is definitely one of the most efficient superheroes out there.

2 WEAKNESS: Split Personality

via comicbook.com

So, here's a fun little fact for you — Carol Danvers and Captain Marvel didn't know about each other for the longest time! They were both split personalities, with the persona of Captain Marvel taking over whenever there's any imminent danger.

It's kinda cool... and inconvenient. But mostly cool.

Oh, and since we're on the topic of fun facts, did you know that whenever Carol Danvers used to switch over to Captain Marvel in her old iteration, she also switched her costume?

Now there's something you don't see nowadays in comic book movies.

1 STRENGTH: Her Signature Photon Blast

Via: Den Of Geek

The Photon Blast attack is one of Captain Marvel's signature attacks, allowing her to direct energy from her palms as an offensive maneuver with great effect.

Think of them as a cooler version of Iron Man's Repulsors.

The best part about this attack is that its intensity can be customized based on the nature of said threat. So, it can either be used to incapacitate one single enemy, take out waves of such adversaries with one shot, or even blow a massive hole in a spacecraft!

Cool, innit?

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