Captain Marvel: 25 Unresolved Mysteries And Plot Holes The Movie Leaves Hanging

One of the most anticipated movies of 2019, Captain Marvel took over the big screen after a relatively noticeable absence of Marvel movies, further accentuated by the events of Infinity War that left the entire fandom rattled to their very core. It was one of the biggest moments in cinema history, and it's obvious that fans would clamor for a new installment to the series that would answer at least some of the questions that might've arisen in their minds. Whether or not the movie managed to do it is definitely up for debate... but a different one. Instead of talking about the questions that were answered – for the most part – we're here to talk about the new problems that have come up due to this movie, which has left many fans befuddled.

Is this a counterintuitive approach to the storytelling featured in this series? Perhaps not, and one might argue that the plot flows better without addressing these questions. There is such a thing known as unnecessary details, but the word "details" still holds quite a bit of importance. Maybe the people who thought the story wasn't coherent or satisfying enough due to these unresolved mysteries and plot holes, however minor they may be. This, coupled with the fact that we've managed to single out 25 such inconsistencies, might indicate towards the fact that the movie didn't sport enough hindsight to fix these glaring errors. Whatever the case might be, this list might help clear your doubts and help you notice some of these unexplained oddities if you weren't aware of it yet.

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25 Where Was Captain Marvel All This Time?

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It has been stated time and time again that Captain Marvel is one of the strongest superheroes around, and this movie clearly shows that she's been around for quite some time.

What has she been doing all this time?

After all, Earth faced numerous problems that could've used her help to streamline the situation. One might argue that if she bothered to show her face, then Carol might've ensured that these problems would be taken care of in a jiffy.

24 Why Didn't Nick Fury Page Captain Marvel Sooner?

Via: Pop Sugar

Of course, there's only so much one can blame Captain Marvel for. After all, we're going to give her the benefit of the doubt and state that she couldn't know what was happening on a different planet, if not a different universe altogether.

However, Nick Fury had a pager to contact her all along.

If that's the case, then why is it that Fury took so long before contacting Captain Marvel? From Loki's rampage to Ultron's path of destruction – there are various moments where having this superheroine's aid would've been a godsend.

23 Why Did The Avengers Initiative Take So Long To… Initiate?

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Near the end of the movie, we see Fury sit down and proceed with a project on his laptop that would ultimately rake in tons of moolah for Marvel... oh, and also save a lot of lives in a fictional universe where aliens run amok.

The project Nick was working on was called the Avengers Initiative.

It's an initiative that was sorely needed... but still took years after the onslaught of the aliens for S.H.I.E.L.D. to properly initiate. it honestly seems like a rather callous approach to their job, if you ask me.

22 How Many Flerkens Exist On Planet Earth?

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Ask any person about the highlights of Captain Marvel, and it goes without saying that one of the draws of the movie absolutely has to be the adorable "cat" named Goose, who sheds this identity the moment he identifies himself as a dangerous Flerken who just happened to roam Earth.

This begs the question – exactly how many Flerkens currently exist on Planet Earth, apart from this furry monstrosity? It's an important number to keep in mind, after all, since one might never know when this alien race will take up arms against humans and completely devour them as well.

21 S.H.I.E.L.D. Was An Acronym Used For Decades Before Iron Man

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The Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division has been operating for quite some time – something that was pretty evident near the start of Captain Marvel. However, people who've just seen this movie might find themselves looking at a glaring – if somewhat unassuming – mistake.

Basically, when Phil Coulson introduces himself to Pepper Potts in Iron Man, he introduces himself with the full name of the organization he works for since they apparently haven't settled on an acronym yet and were still "working on it." However, as is clearly the case in Captain Marvel, the acronym S.H.I.E.L.D. was in existence long before the events of Iron Man.

20 Captain Marvel Is Not Nearly As Strong As Her Comic Book Counterpart

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The Captain Marvel that's featured in the comic books is one of the strongest superheroines of all time, featuring everything from superhuman strength on par with the Hulk to a "Binary" form that can absolutely wreck her enemies.

While the movie does feature a pretty revealing glimpse into her power, she doesn't come even minutely close to the potential she's showcased in the comics. This might compel a person to ask the question – exactly what is the extent of Carol Danvers' power?

19 What Was Ronan Doing All This Time After Stating That He Wanted To Capture Carol?

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Near the end of Captain Marvel, we see just how much of an imposing figure she actually is, laying waste to pretty much any character who so much so as even looks at her wrong. This is quite intriguing for Ronan, who is about to decimate Earth but stops once he realizes just how imposing of a figure Captain Marvel actually is.

While he does say that he'll come back for the girl later, it seems that he never really followed through with this decision. Instead, what we see is this apparent galactic overlord being outwitted and outfoxed by the likes of the Guardians Of The Galaxy time and time again.

18 The Chitauri Invasion In 2012 Wasn't The First Time That Aliens Invaded Earth

via marvelcinematicuniverse.wikia.com

The Chitauri Invasion in 2012 was one of the most traumatic moments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as the Avengers fought to protect New York and ensure its survival as a constant onslaught of aliens barraged the city.

However, most of the S.H.I.E.L.D. members were treating this attack like the first time that an alien threat had struck Earth when this isn't even remotely the case. This can clearly be seen in Captain Marvel with the onset of the Skrulls on the planet.

17 Why Does Fury Trust Carol Right Off The Bat?

via screencrush.com

For someone who's been quite cynical and untrustworthy of people all this time, it's honestly quite unnerving to see Nick Fury act so friendly with Carol Danvers, going so far as to trust her blindly at times.

How is this even remotely fitting Fury's character? He's interacting with an alien who — for all he knows — might just be using him as a tool before betraying him and going through her nefarious scheme.

It's a total lack of insight on Fury's part.

16 The Reason Why Fury Lost His Eye Is Quite... Cruddy

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The story behind Nick Fury's eyepatch has become the stuff of legends among fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, who were absolutely pining to see exactly what could've happened to leave such a permanent scar on one of the most iconic Marvel characters of all time.

However, as it turns out, the reason behind this is something that drives the majority of Marvel movies – comedy. Yep, that's right – the whole reason why you had to bear with Fury's eyepatch is so that you could laugh at a joke that was cracked ages after the character was introduced to the big screen!

What. A. Disappointment.

15 Nick Should've Been Warier Of Goose

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Speaking of the manner in which Nick lost his eye, it must be said that – for someone who would occupy such a major position in S.H.I.E.L.D. further down the line – it doesn't seem that Fury was a very smart person from the get-go, judging by the choices he's made in the movie.

We've already spoken about the stupid manner in which he just trusted Carol Danvers, but that's the least of his problems. We haven't even talked about the fact that he treated Goose like a cute kitty... even though he'd just devoured entire people in front of him and also fraternized with the enemy to an extent.

14 Fury Had Two Eyes When He Became The S.H.I.E.L.D. Director

Via: Inverse

The act of Fury's eyes being scratched out by Goose has pretty major implications, aside from the ones already mentioned above. It seems that it would've been better if the director had just omitted this long-winded joke altogether.

Well, we go all the way back to Captain America: The Winter Soldier, where Nick Fury is shown in a picture where he's being sworn in as the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. For some reason, his eye is intact in this picture... even though Captain Marvel clearly showed his eye to be scratched out before this event.

13 Anachronisms Everywhere!

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For the people who are unaware of this term, an anachronism is a term used to describe someone or something in a time period that it shouldn't be from. And whoo boy, Captain Marvel is full of these anachronisms.

Perhaps the most glaring anachronism is the fact that The Supreme Intelligence takes Nirvana's 1991 song "Come As You Are" from Carol's subconscious. However, Carol had supposedly left Earth in 1989, making it impossible that this song would be steeped in her memory, to begin with.

12 Stan Lee's Cameo Creates A Paradox

via comicbook.com

There are three main tropes associated with Marvel movies. It's always going to have a light-hearted tone with witty dialogue, the antagonist is not really going to be all that relatable – with the exception of Thanos – and there'll always be a Stan Lee cameo.

This particular cameo by Stan Lee is quite problematic since he's holding a script of Mallrats – a 1995 movie where Stan Lee gives advice to the main character by citing his own work on various Marvel comics.

...does this mean that the Marvel comics exist in the Marvel universe?

11 Why Wasn't Yon-Rogg With Ronan In Guardians Of The Galaxy?

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Yon-Rogg is not exactly a likable character in the slightest, turned into nothing more than a plot device to showcase Carol's growth throughout the movie – negligible as it may be. However, we noticed one thing – it was pretty evident that Yon-Rogg and Ronan were working in cahoots.

However, we never see Yon-Rogg in Guardians Of The Galaxy, where he should clearly be working with Ronan as his henchman. This might be an oversight on the director's part, and one needs to see whether this is rectified in the third Guardians Of The Galaxy movie.

10 Where Has Goose Disappeared To?

via geektyrant.com

The Flerken Goose is one of the more intriguing characters in the movie, and the mere fact that he's able to elicit laughs with his actions should be more than enough to prove the strength of featuring a cute animal in your movie.

However, there's one question that needs to be addressed – where is this alien right now? After all, the mere fact that this alien is powerful enough to digest the Tesseract with little to no worries should be proof enough of just how pivotal his powers might be for S.H.I.E.L.D. or any other faction for that matter.

9 There's No Reason For Fury To Be Cynical

via digitalspy.com

Bringing up Goose means that we'd obviously have to bring up his victim – again. The manner in which Nick Fury's eye had been taken was up for debate quite a bit, with his biggest reason for being wary of people the fact that the last person he'd trusted took his eye out, according to him.

However – as we've already discussed before – the whole reason why Nick's eye was scratched up was his fault entirely. If "trusting" a cat was so traumatic for Fury, then maybe he doesn't really have the emotional capacity to lead an organization like S.H.I.E.L.D.

8 How Does Nick Fury Know Howard Stark?

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Howard Stark was one of the founding fathers of S.H.I.E.L.D. and – as mentioned in Iron Man 2 – Nick Fury had stated that he was very close friends with Tony's dad. However, if that is the case, then we must say that Captain Marvel brings up a major flaw in Nick's story.

As stated in Captain America: Civil War, a brainwashed Bucky had ended the life of Howard Stark in 1991. Meanwhile, Nick Fury is a lowly operative in S.H.I.E.L.D. during Captain Marvel – a movie that's set in 1995.

Something smells fishy here.

7 Neither Thor Nor Captain Marvel Is The First Alien Nick Fury Had Encountered

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You'd think that, after interacting with enough aliens, Fury would've convinced the S.H.I.E.L.D. Board Of Directors to kickstart the Avengers Initiative as soon as possible. However, according to Fury, he started off Phase 2 of this initiative after Thor's display of power.

This can't be the case since Nick interacted with an alien by the name of Carol Danvers way back in 1995. Even if that didn't happen, Phil Coulson has mentioned in Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. that they have possessed an alien corpse since World War II.

The signs were always there.

6 Why Did The Government Take 13 Years To Start The Avengers Initiative?

via futurism.com

With all the wealth of information at your disposal, it's time to take a look at this situation not from the group up, from the highest echelon. It's obvious that the only organization that can greenlight the creation of a superhero group is the government itself.

However, even after the sheer amount of evidence that they had access to, the government still took a whopping 13 years after the incidents of Captain Marvel to prioritize the Avengers Initiative.

It's honestly quite stupid.

5 Skrull Shapeshifting Is Oddly Convenient

via comicbook.com

The shapeshifting ability of the Skrulls is one of the major reasons why they're such a major threat... at least until it's revealed that the actual antagonists are the members of the Kree Starforce and not the refugee Skrulls.

Anyway, it must be said that this ability is not represented properly. It imitates the DNA of the person itself, meaning that the Skrull would've been afflicted with the arthritis of the old woman he'd imitated and not start doing backflips at a moment's notice.

4 How Did Mar-Vell Even Get The Tesseract In The First Place?

via denofgeek.com

The Tesseract is one of the most coveted objects in the entire galaxy, and pretty much anyone who would want the same would try to do everything in their power to ensure that they can get a hold of this incredibly powerful object.

If that's the case, then can anyone please explain as to how Mar-Vell managed to get her hands on this important object with what seems like relative ease? We're pretty sure finding something so elusive and hiding it for a long period would've been quite a monumental task that even a Kree would find hard to do.

3 How Did Captain Marvel Get Her Powers?

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Perhaps one of the biggest question marks pulled off by the movie is the manner in which Carol got her powers, to begin with. In the comics, Carol was actually infused with the DNA of Mar-Vell, giving her immense power in the process.

But in Captain Marvel, she justs... absorbs an explosion?

Yeah, you don't really need us to state that the details of this event are pretty hazy. It's honestly a really bad way to describe how Captain Marvel got her powers, serving as a slap in the face of comic book fans all around.

2 How Will Captain Marvel Defeat Thanos?

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Another big question mark that has been posed is whether Captain Marvel will be the superhero that will destroy Thanos once and for all. After all – as we've mentioned before – the Captain Marvel shown in the movies is leagues behind her comic book counterpart.

So, will she have enough power to defeat Thanos?

Or will she not be able to take care of this powerful being, dooming humanity to live in the universe Thanos himself has built?

...yeah, that's not gonna happen. Thanos will probably get his behind whooped, but it's just a matter of how and when.

1 Will Captain Marvel Play A Role In Bringing Back Everyone From Their Demise?

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The final question that we're ending this piece with is something that fans have definitely thought about. With the demise of half the universe, it seems that things might not be looking up for humanity as we know it.

That is, until Carol Danvers whips out some of her magic.

Again, as we've stated before, we've yet to see just how powerful Carol Danvers is. For all you know, it might be that she has the ability to bring back people... although that's just pure speculation.

We'll just have to wait for April 26th to attain some much-needed answers to this pressing question.

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