20 Cartoon Characters Reimagined As Disney Princesses

Whether you love them or hate them, you can’t deny that the Disney Princesses have become a huge cultural phenomenon (and a huge goldmine for Disney, but I digress). They have their own line, and there are actual rules for a female character to become a Disney Princess (which are pretty extensive).

My favorite Disney Princess was and is still Belle. I loved the fact that she was an unashamed bookworm. Belle is a girl who isn’t afraid to be who she wants to be. She’s someone who craved something more than she currently had, and she isn’t afraid to give it her all when push comes to shove. Yet, she was also compassionate enough to see past appearances and understand people as they really are.

In fact, practically all the Disney Princesses are very inspiring in their own way. Whether their message was one of strength, compassion, or honor, they all had their own message for us. They’ve encouraged us to be better people, to reach for the stars, even when we think it’s impossible. These lovely princesses can all teach us more than you may think.

And now, it seems like everybody wants to be a Disney Princess, including other cartoon characters. Have you always wondered what your favorite cartoon characters would’ve looked like as a Disney Princess? Well, many people have also wondered, and they’ve created some amazing fanart from it.

So here are 20 cartoon characters that have been reimagined as Disney Princesses. Think we missed some good ones? Make sure to comment below!

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20 He Probably Has The Best Tea Parties

Via: paigeworld.com, amymebberson.tumblr.com

Who doesn’t love Stitch? He may be a destructive, slightly insane experiment that escaped to Earth, but he somehow managed to charm us with his cute looks and his longing for a family. Stitch is that awesome character that could totally destroy you but is content to be your friend.

It’s kind of hard to imagine this fluffy, blue little monster as a Disney Princess, but apparently, some people have done it. And the results are pretty hilarious. I’m sure at some point, he’s probably had to wear a dress, especially if Lilo ever did the whole tea party thing. (Though knowing her, it would be something like a galactic tea party.) He probably wouldn’t last long in a dress but that’s mostly because he doesn’t really like wearing clothes in general.

Art by Amymebberson.

19 She Should Totally Be A Disney Princess

Via: fitzoblong.deviantart.com, xxischaxx.deviantart.com

You know, you could technically call Kim a Disney Princess. While she may not be royalty, I think she’s definitely earned the title of princess through her actions. Besides, this teen hero would seriously shake things up in the Disney Princess ranks. I could see her getting along really well with Mulan; they’d share stories of how they took down the bad guys.

I could see her getting along really well with Mulan. 

It’s also pretty fun to see Kim in some bigger dresses. While Kim has no problem wearing feminine clothes, most of the clothes she chooses tend to be sleek in design, which does work very well for her. But it’s kind of fun to see her in something that has more frills and lace. But no matter what she’s wearing, Kim is always looking good while she kicks butt.

Art by Fitzoblong and Xxischaxx.

18 There’s Something Off About This Scene...

Via: charmath.tumblr.com

It seems that a lot of people want to see more of Yzma for some reason. Apparently, there’s a series of art going around where Yzma replaces Disney characters in iconic scenes. And yes, this includes some Disney Princesses as well. I think Yzma is a bit old to be a Disney Princess, but hey, she can dream right?

I have to admit that these pictures are pretty hilarious. The inclusion of this ridiculously skinny old woman in these famous Disney scenes is pretty jarring, but that’s what makes it so funny. You can also tell that half the time, Yzma seems to be having the time of her life, and the other half, she’s extremely annoyed. Just imagining Yzma interacting with some of the Disney Princesses would be pretty funny alone.

Art by Charmath.

17 She Would Dominate As A Disney Princess

Via: vclements.deviantart.com, narutopony.deviantart.com

Since Katara is the daughter of the chief of the Southern Water Tribe, doesn’t that technically make her a princess already? Katara is certainly Disney Princess material. She’s got the lineage, she’s got the merit, and she’s just a classy young lady.

Katara is certainly Disney Princess material.

It’s also fun to see Katara in some more fancy outfits. While we do see her dress up occasionally, her situation generally called for her to dress practically. Seeing her in these beautiful dresses shows how gorgeous this young woman really is. She would totally rock an evening ball. She can definitely pull off a very regal look and attitude. She’s also got the compassion that a Disney princess needs. Basically, if you want a good role model for young women, look at Katara.

Art by VClements and Narutopony.

16 We Are The Crystal... Mermaids?

Via: azaleasdolls.com

One of biggest strengths of the show Steven Universe is its collection of unique and interesting characters. All of the Gems that Steven interacts with have their own unique personalities and quirks, while still being pretty likable. They’re flawed, but they’re also pretty relatable in their flaws, despite their crazy origins.

I do like this artist’s interpretation of the main Gems. The Little Mermaid theme is a pretty awesome one, and I love the designs of the Gems (and baby Steven as a little merman is adorable). I do like Amethyst as an octopus woman, though hopefully she isn’t evil like Ursula. The designs of Pearl and Garnet are both beautiful and fitting. If these Gems were mermaids or sea folk, I can imagine that’s how they would look.

15 Can Disney Princesses Wear Sweaters?

Via: atomicmillennial.deviantart.com, qrimious.deviantart.com

C’mon guys, Mabel Pines is totally a princess. Well, she should be. (Though she did almost become the Gnome Queen in the first episode of Gravity Falls. That was a crazy day.) Mabel’s trademark is that she is so unique in style and personality. She’s not afraid to be weird and she’s perfectly comfortable with herself (I aspire to have her confidence.)

The Disney Princesses would totally love this girl!

And she would have so much fun with the Disney Princesses. She and Anna would be best friends, she would love to hang out with Snow White’s animals, and she’d probably go and talk about boys with all of them. They’d probably be interested in her unique style that only Mabel could pull off. I bet she’d also make sweaters for all of them. The Disney Princesses would totally love this girl!

Art by AtomicMillennial and Qrimious.

14 You Can Never Unsee This

Via: cargocollective.com/willvarnerart

Oh my gosh, I couldn’t stop laughing at this picture. Everything about it is just so strange and yet so funny. So yes, Jar Binks as the Little Mermaid is probably one of the best things I’ve seen. Seriously, every time I look at him, I just break down laughing again.

Now, a lot of people hate Jar Jar, and I can’t blame them. He can be incredibly annoying (though he was actually pretty tolerable in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series). He’s this strange combination of simply being there for comic relief, and also being rather helpful. The best part about this art is that I could imagine Jar Jar being totally comfortable in this situation. He’d probably think nothing of it; actually, nothing much really embarrasses him.

13 These Girls Look Pretty Awesome!

Via: meletea.deviantart.com

What makes Hey Arnold! such a fascinating show is that it has kids dealing with some pretty heavy but relatable issues. Arnold is living with his grandparents since his parents aren’t in the picture. Helga’s family is pretty dysfunctional with her parents favoring her sister and her mom being into drink. And besides that, there are the usually struggles kids go through like crushes and bullies.

Lila is just too sweet as Anna.

So how do some of the characters look like as Disney Princesses? Pretty awesome, actually. While Helga’s personality doesn’t match Rapunzel’s much, I would love to see her kick behind with crazy long hair. And Lila is just too sweet as Anna. I don’t know if Helga would necessarily get along with the Disney Princesses, but they would probably help her out with her feelings for Arnold.

Art by Meletea.

12 This Is A Surprising Twist

Via: thefightingmongooses.deviantart.com

I think Marge Simpson is probably the nicest character on The Simpsons. I mean, yes, she does have some issues, but as far as morals go, she probably has the strongest moral character. If anyone deserved to be a Disney princess with a gown and everything, I think it would be her.

Putting Marge and Homer in a scene from The Princess and the Frog is an interesting choice, but also kind of fitting. It’s no secret that Marge does make Homer a better person. In her mind, I could see Homer being her prince disguised as a frog. While the two do have a lot of flaws, they try their best to make their marriage work. Is it perfect? No, but their love for each other is real, and I think that’s what really matters.

Art by TheFightingMongooses.

11 And I Didn’t Think This Electric Mouse Could Get Any Cuter

Via: d-princesses.livejournal.com

I can’t decide whether to laugh or squeal with joy at the cuteness of these Pikachu art pieces. Pikachu is probably the most iconic image of Pokémon. He’s pretty recognizable worldwide, and everyone wants a Pikachu plushy. In fact, he’s basically the Mickey Mouse equivalent in Japan. Everyone loves Pikachu, and his cuteness certainly helps that.

Pikachu looks adorable in these little gowns.

So, it’s not surprising that fans decided to draw him as a Disney Princess. And I have to say they turned out pretty well. Pikachu looks adorable in these little gowns. I wonder if he would actually wear them. Probably not since he’s not exactly interested in wearing clothes in general. He’d probably be pretty popular with the Disney Princesses, though he may eventually get annoyed and shock them.

Art by D-Princesses.

10 These Lovely Ladies Have More Style Than You

Via: mikegoesgeek.deviantart.com, joehoganart.deviantart.com

What time is it? Adventure Time is one of the big shows that started the new wave of cartoons that reveled in the strange yet charming. Its simplistic animation was a bit of a turn off for many people, but it’s become pretty iconic now. And let’s not forget the awesome characters of the show, especially the women!

So, what would the awesome people of Adventure Time look like as Disney Princesses? Pretty amazing, actually. Considering most of these girls are all princesses anyway, it seems only fitting they would be awesome as Disney Princesses. My personal favorite is Lumpy Space Princess as Ariel. It’s so strange, and yet she totally rocks it. (Granted, Lumpy Space Princess has buckets of confidence to pull off anything she wears.

Art by MikeGoesGeek and JoeHoganArt.

9 This Earthbender Would Rock Disney

Via: musable.deviantart.com, narutopony.deviantart.com

Admittedly, Toph is not very ladylike. She doesn’t really care about appearances, she’s not one for social acceptance, and she would probably hate being in a dress. Toph is the type of girl who’s more at home in a fighting arena. She’s a talented earthbender with a lot of attitude. But that doesn’t mean she can’t act sophisticated when she needs to.

Toph would definitely make things interesting in the Disney Princess lineup.

I do like seeing Toph in something a bit more formal, since it does bring out her softer side. (Though she does look pretty grumpy in the first picture.) Toph would definitely make things interesting in the Disney Princess lineup. Oddly enough, I could see her getting along with Anna. They would get into so much trouble. And Anna probably wouldn’t be bugged by Toph’s more acidic personality traits.

Art by Musable and Narutopony.

8 These Ponies Should Be Disney Princesses

Via: katie-w.deviantart.com

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was one of those shows that surprised me by how good it was. But it shouldn’t be that surprising. The show has some really fun characters and, combined with colorful and beautiful animation and fairly interesting plot points, the show is pretty entertaining.

And the ponies as Disney Princesses is pretty fitting. I could totally see Rarity designing these gowns. Twilight Sparkle as Belle is so incredibly fitting since the two are total bookworms. Rarity is totally rocking Jasmine’s outfit and manages to be both classy and alluring. And Fluttershy as Snow White is so accurate, it hurts. Though it would be interesting to see Snow White get as angry as Fluttershy gets sometimes. All of these lady ponies look fantastic and I would love to see a crossover between them and the Disney princesses.

Art by Katie-W.

7 Do the Autobots Have Royalty?

Via: pinterest.com, tekyang.deviantart.com

When you think Disney Princess, you probably don’t think of a giant robot that can also turn into a car. Optimus Prime is the leader of the Autobots and dedicated to fighting against the Decepticons. He’s a capable leader, a powerful warrior, but also an honorable man, er, robot, alien.

The idea of Optimus Prime being a Disney Princess is pretty strange.

So, the idea of Optimus Prime being a Disney Princess is a pretty strange, if not a hilarious one. (Though I don’t know if putting a giant robot in a dress qualifies him to be a Disney Princess, but eh.) But now, all I want to see is Optimus Prime interacting with the Disney Princesses. I could see them being freaked out at first but also very fascinated. And Optimus Prime would probably be equally fascinated by these unique and intriguing women.

Art by Tekyang.

6 You Know Sam Secretly Likes It

Via: darth-frodo.deviantart.com

Danny Phantom had a pretty good variety of unique and fun characters. Besides Danny himself, there was Sam, the social justice warrior who was also a goth, and Tucker, the ultimate computer nerd who also had a fascination with meat. Most of the other high school students were clichés, but they did add to the story.

This art piece is more about the characters dressed up as Disney characters, but I’m counting it. I think putting Sam in Snow White’s dress is pretty hilarious. Sam is about as opposite from Snow White as you can get (well, except for the whole loving animals thing). But that’s what I love about her. She may be a bit acidic and hard to approach, but underneath that is a very caring heart and a girl who’s willing to do anything to save her friends.

Art by Darth-Frodo.

5 He Should Not Look That Good In A Dress

Via: 9gag.com, reddit.com

So, this whole situation of Batman in a gown came about from a random Tumblr post, saying that Batman is the best Disney Princess. And of course, fans decided to take that and run with it. So now we have Batman in a very stylish gown.

I’m kind of shocked how good Batman actually looks in a pink gown.

And surprisingly, he pulls it off very well. I mean, I’m kind of shocked how good Batman actually looks in a pink gown. It’s weirding me out, to be honest. Though to pull anything off, you just have to have the confidence, and he definitely looks confident in the second picture. I mean, Batman is no stranger to disguises, so maybe at one point, he disguised himself as a woman. I would love to see that happen. Maybe he and Robin have to go undercover for something.

4 She Would Bring Her Own Style As A Princess

Via: maggiesheartlove.deviantart.com

Korra is definitely a very interesting character. Some people didn’t like her initially because she was much more aggressive than the previous Avatar. And she tended to let her anger get the best of her. But while she was flawed, she did have a lot of heart and strength. She was always ready to defend the world against any threat.

Korra would make a pretty unique Disney Princess. Though putting her as Elsa is a pretty interesting choice. Korra isn’t really the type of person to internalize her feelings like Elsa did. (Though she did struggle with depression during the last season.) I really do like the fact that her Elsa outfit included pants. That just screams Korra, who really is more comfortable in more practical clothes than fancy dresses.

Art by Maggiesheartlove.

3 She Is The Sassiest Princess

Via: legion1979.tumblr.com, webmistressmaryjane.deviantart.com

I wish I could be as confident and sassy as Dot Warner. In the crazy world of Animaniacs, Dot not only holds her own, but she creates a lot of the chaos as well. She’s funny, she’s zany, and she’s not afraid to play a little dirty. Plus, her interactions with her brothers are both sweet and hilarious. They all feed off of each other in the best way possible.

I can imagine Dot getting along pretty well with Jasmine for some reason.

So how would Dot be as a Disney Princess? Well, she would definitely make things interesting. I can imagine her getting along pretty well with Jasmine for some reason. The two would totally bond over all things girly, and they would totally be the sass masters. That or they would drive each other nuts. Either way, I would love to see this crossover.

Art by Legion1979 and Webmistressmaryjane.

2 These Three Would Be Adorable Princesses

Via: alitta2.deviantart.com

The Powerpuff Girls are an awesome example that you can be both adorable and incredibly dangerous. These little girls are the epitome of cute, and yet they will end you if you threaten Townsville. They are not to be trifled with. But if you’re friends with them, they will protect you with everything they have.

And Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles look pretty adorable as Disney Princesses. Though I don’t think Buttercup really fits Snow White; she’s a bit too... violent for that. It would be interesting to see these three superheroes interact with the Disney royalty. I think the princesses would be impressed by the Powerpuff Girls’ ability to fight. And they would probably also fawn over them, because let’s face it, who wouldn’t?

Art by Alitta2.

1 How Is This A Thing?

Via: andarix.tumblr.com, fingiidraws.tumblr.com

So, there’s apparently a trend of putting male superheroes into princess gowns. The one that caught my eye was Wolverine. Mostly because there’s probably no way Wolverine would ever wear a dress, so the idea of it is pretty hilarious. Maybe he lost a bet or something.

Wolverine is probably the last person you would expect to see in a fancy ladies’ gown.

I think I mostly like the juxtaposition of this whole scenario. Wolverine is probably the last person you would expect to see in a fancy ladies’ gown. To see this gruff and burly kind of guy wearing these soft colors and rather pretty dresses is both strange and entertaining. Just like Batman, Wolverine seems to pull these off surprisingly well. I also like that the first dress actually matches the color scheme of his original superhero outfit too.

Art by Andarix and Fingiidraws.

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