25 Cartoon Voice Actors That Look Exactly Like Their Characters (Almost)

Being a voice actor is an incredibly weird thing, because, for the most part, nobody will know what the heck you look like, despite you probably appearing in a massive amount of media people have seen. With the rare exception of people like Hank Azaria, or Mark Hamill, who are famous both as live-action actors and voice actors, some of the highest paid voice talents are unrecognizable unless you actually look them up.

Sometimes, though, you may actually know what a voice actor looks like because they look almost identical to the character they are speaking for. Sometimes, when an animator is designing the look of a person in a cartoon, animated feature or a video game, the look of the person behind the voice is so distinctive and so perfect, you feel compelled to create someone who looks just like them. So sometimes, some of the most popular animated characters are just a recreation of the voice actors. We have no idea whether this is a deliberate action, an unconscious one, or just a happy accident.

So I’m not saying that you are totally unaware of the similarities between these actors and their animated, on-screen doppelgangers, because some of the people in this list are quite famous, but I am hoping to show you at least a few that you never really stopped to consider. I should also state that in no way is this a comprehensive list, since there have been so many cartoons, animations, and video games over the years that I’m sure there are countless other instances of characters looking like the people that voice them.

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25 Which One Is Which?!

via: parody.wikia.com, pinterest.ca

This one is easily my favorite, so I put it right at the top of the list, since I know most of you will get bored soon. Danny Devito as Philoctetes in Hercules is the most perfect depiction of Danny Devito that exists. He should include that picture on his resume, that's how accurate it is. Phil is brash, rude, gluttonous, weird and all around kind of spiteful, and if that isn't Danny Devito's calling card, I don't know what is. Danny Devito already has the proportions of a cartoon, he looks like Super Mario before he eats a power mushroom.

It almost makes you feel bad for Danny.

The animators made zero attempt to simply transpose Danny's likeness onto that of a Satyr. Phil is insanely small for his age, much like Devito, and he has clearly let himself go, much like Devito. He also seems to have perpetual stubble, despite being half goat, and this must have been inspired by Devito's multiple roles as someone disheveled. Oh, and despite being an obviously furry little guy (he clearly has human hair on his chest on his arms and chest apart from his fuzzy goat legs) he still managed to go bald, which is hilarious.

24 Not Based On A True Story

via: cosmopolitan.com, hollywood.com

The story of Anastasia is meant to be a magic-filled journey, which is about as far as you can get from the source material. I give that whole movie a pass though because it has a zombie version of Grigori Rasputin, and while that phrase is awesome enough, he's voiced by Christopher Lloyd, which pushes the awesome factor up to eleven. There's a few different Anastasia's in that movie, so it's hard to keep track of which voice actress is where, but the similarities in facial features between the "real" one (remember, the real Anastasia never survived the uprising) and the face of the beautiful Meg Ryan is uncanny.

There was a lot going on behind the scenes of this weird animated film, so if you want to know more, we recently published an article about it. I don't think it aged all that well, since I couldn't tell you a single thing about the film other than I think John Cusack was in it. Oh, and that Meg Ryan really dragged her feet about attaching herself to the project due to the somewhat controversial subject matter. In the end, it was a good call for her, since the film was a critical and commercial success, and helped further her star power.

23 Not A Flattering Portrayal

via: pixar-planet.fr, skepticwars.blogspot.com

Wayne Knight played the villainous Al in Toy Story 2 (of course he was the bad guy, if Wayne Knight isn’t the bad guy, was it really a movie at all?) and seemingly they couldn’t think of a more gross way of depicting a sad loser than to actually depict Wayne Knight. This was back when he was a little heavier, and also it was just openly accepted that if you were fat, you were a bad guy. I’d like to say that it was a different time, but it was 1999 and we should have known better. Of course, I like to pretend the 90s weren’t twenty years ago.

At the time, I’ll admit, Wayne Knight wasn’t even known for having a beard, so he actually deliberately made himself look more like Al later in his life. Maybe he was so desperate to distance himself from the characters of Newman or Dennis Nedry that he thought he may as well embrace the look of a desperate and weird toy collector. I’d like to think that he might have forgotten he ever voiced a role whoever looked like that, but has he really done all that much work since then? I think he was in a bad Punisher sequel, but I can’t really picture much else.

22 He's Gonna' Wreck It!

via: youtube.com, wreckitralph.wikia.com

I’m sure most of you knew that John C. Reilly was the voice of the titular Wreck-It Ralf, but have any of you actually stopped and looked at them side by side before? I know it is somewhat of a stretch, considering that Reilly is an immensely ugly man and Ralf is kind of endearing, but their mannerisms are very similar. Their eyes being weirdly close together, a head that seems to blossom outward in a weird light bulb shape. It’s like Reilly was a cartoon before he was ever cast as a voice.

I can’t be the only one who sees the similarities.

Knowing Disney, I know that they went through probably a hundred different character designs before they landed on the one they ended up using in the movie. But I like to imagine that when John started loaning his voice to the character, they started giving him unkempt, bushy hair, intense forehead lines and prominent ears. When one of your actors already looks like a worried, demented cartoon character, how can you not take direct inspiration from that? Of course, they had to smooth out a LOT of the facial lines, so as not to scare away all the kids.

21 Remember This Movie?

via: villains.wikia.com, maxim.com

Casting Angelina Jolie as a cute fish in Shark Tale makes sense. I mean, it’s a very, very attractive fish mouth, she’s a beautiful lady, but those are some intensely huge lips, right? She's perfect for the role. Anyways, in this forgettable movie about making human looking fish do stuff, they actually did a fairly faithful job of capturing Angelina’s stunning looks. They did this for Will Smith, too, but in order to put him in the image, I would have had to spend more time looking up Shark Tale images, and I already resent what time I have already spent on this.

A lot of the Internet would tell you that this was a soulless way to rip off Finding Nemo, which isn’t exactly a fair point. The plots of the two movies are completely different, and Finding Nemo doesn’t have a monopoly on aquatic movies. But Finding Nemo, which had come out a year before, blew audiences away, so they were still in the mood for some underwater adventure, and when someone tells you that you have a fish movie where Jack Black is a cowardly shark, you assume it is going to be good. It wasn’t.

20 Here Comes The Smolder

via: fanpop.com, ethnicelebs.com

Of all the Disney’s “Princes” I would have to say that Flynn Rider from Tangled is one of my least favorites. He’s just kind of bland. Even his look is just kind of boringly handsome, which is also a good way to describe the looks of Zachary Levi. Sure, nobody is saying that he isn’t a great looking guy, he’s just kind of bland about it. The kind of face that might sell cologne? I don’t know, I can’t quite put a finger on why I’m not impressed with his looks.

But they definitely look alike.

The chin shape, and the nose, and even the eyebrows, if Flynn could stop contorting them in weird ways for half a second. I don’t know if this just happened to happen, where a cookie cutter roguishly good-looking character happened to look like a cookie cutter roguishly good-looking actor, and then that actor was the voice of said character. Maybe. Or maybe the animators were inspired by Levi’s face. Which I just cannot fathom, which is probably why I am so up in arms that Levi is playing one of the most handsome men in all of comics, the indestructible Captain Marvel or as you kids call him today, Shazam.

19 There's Barely A Difference

via: pinterest.ca, emmys.com

Oh, come on, the animators weren’t even trying to come up with a different character for this one! Jane Lynch is known for playing immensely powerful, overbearing and loud women who will do anything to get the job done. Sergeant Calhoun is a very thinly veiled stand-in for either Master Chief or Commander Shepard. It isn’t even clever casting to have Jane Lynch yelling at everyone she sees, since her arguably most famous role was on Glee in which she did exactly that, ad infinitum. Look at those two pictures; they are even smiling the same way, utilizing only half of their mouth!

I’m not complaining, really, I just find it kind up upsetting that they did such incredible casting with the voice of Fix-It Felix Jr. being played by Jack McBreyer, and Venellope von Schweetz played by the awesome Sarah Silverman. Glee was still popular at the time of Wreck-It Ralph’s release (for whatever reason) so to have Lynch pretty much just continue playing that role seems like a cop-out. That being said, seeing two powerful and creative women on screen, even in a kids movie, is a win for me, so more power to this movie. Let’s hope they flesh out the character of Calhoun a little more in the sequel.

18 A Different Groovy Emperor

via: wattpad.com, mythara.wikia.com

What isn't to love about Pat Morita? For many kids, he was a sagely mentor who we learned from when he taught Daniel LaRusso. Sure, he didn't teach the best Karate, but he taught us that every time we master something, it is a good thing. Who hasn't quoted "wax on, wax off" when faced with what we interpret as a pointless task? His awesome portrayal as the complex character Mr. Miyagi earned him a much-deserved Academy Award Nomination. So when you need someone to voice the fearless Emperor of China in Mulan there isn't a much better choice than Pat Morita.

He brought a sense of stoicism to the role.

It takes a wizened, regal actor to capture the nuance of a wise and regal Emperor who refuses to bow to the fearsome and savage Shan Yu. This is the kind of character Morita has played time and time again, and that air of tough intelligence surrounds him everywhere he goes, so capturing that essence was a must for the character of The Emperor.

Fun fact: did you know that in Karate Kid the producers wanted to cut the scene where Miyagi was mourning the loss of his family, and the director had to fight to keep it? Many believe it was this scene that earned Morita his Oscar nomination.

s that are essentially tracings of real people.

17 The Face Of Rebellion

via: starwars.wikia.com, reddit.com

In a desperate attempt to get people off their back about all of the massive missteps the first reboot of Star Wars Battlefront had, EA decided to give fans a huge single-player campaign. And by huge, I mean it was very flashy and had a very Star Wars feel and you could beat it in two hours. It was actually fun, and the plot wasn't bad, especially when elements of it showed up in The Last Jedi. To show off how much they were dedicating themselves to this single-player campaign, the marketing juggernaut leading up to the game's release would not stop showing off this new character of Iden Versio, played by Janina Gavankar.

She took to the role with particular enthusiasm.

It turns out, Janina is more into gaming than most of us, which is a difficult feat to pull off. Of course, they had a few other actors show up in other roles, like the dad from Twilight as a remarkably forgettable Imperial Officer. What was especially cool was seeing her interact with old time favorites like Lando Calrissian, being voiced by the silken-voiced Billy Dee Williams. It was like being right back inside the old movies, only with better special effects!

16 A Bad Likeness For A Bad Movie

via: dreamworks.wikia.com, unrealfacts.com

Antz was a movie that...definitely happened. I want to say it was a rip-off of A Bug's Life but they are such vastly different films that the only similarity is that they both involved bugs. This was the Bee Movie of its time, in that it was supposed to be this big thing that had some big names attached to it, and it was just an unrelentingly unfunny assault on the senses. If you need a big clue as to how out of touch with audiences this movie is, you need look no further than the title, which inexplicably uses a "z" for no apparent reason.

For the tough as nails warrior ant Weaver, the voice of Sylvester Stallone is an odd choice, since he has been known for slurring his words since, like, day one. He won an Oscar for Rocky and that dude was constantly fighting through a mouthful of maple syrup/fists. Using his likeness makes a tremendous amount of sense, considering he already has the jawline of a propaganda cartoon. But his voice is just one of the many, many massive misfires inside of this film, which is probably why people only have a vague recollection of this movie, and even then, they are accidentally remembering A Bug's Life.

15 His Favorite Bone Is In My Arm!

via: nathanrabin.com, imgflip.com

This is a bit of a cheat since obvious a character named Rover Dangerfield is going to look exactly like his namesake Rodney Dangerfield. Frankly, looking at the kind of face that Rodney has, I'm surprised this cartoon ever got made. He was not known for being an attractive man. But that was the charm, wasn't it? He knew he was ugly, and everything in his life seemed to be terrible, at least according to his comedy sets. So who wouldn't want to translate that kind of humor into a kid's film?

Actually, now that I think about it, on paper, that sounds like a horrible idea. Rodney was known for complaining about his health, his wife, his kids, his pets, his life in every facet. Why would you think that kids would enjoy that kind of thing? Sure, kids love to see a character be used as a punching bag and perpetually get the short end of the stick, but usually, there's a moral to it. Usually the person being jilted is a bad guy, so to see someone who's just kind of hapless and ugly constantly getting his parade rained on seems like a bad message to tell. I'm sure it won't be even more sad when you make the character an overweight dog.

I guess that explains why nobody saw this movie.

14 It's Meant As A Compliment

via: disney.wikia.com, famousbirthdays.com

Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove is a detestable person, both inside and out, so she is as different from Eartha Kitt as one can get. I think Kitt is dope, and she is easily my favorite actress to depict Catwoman. That being said, Yzma’s makeup use and bone structure is very similar, albeit completely exaggerated. Yzma is more like what Eartha Kitt would look like if she was an evil, purple skeleton. And a lot of Yzma’s style is based on famous singer Yma Sumac, so there’s that.

There also stories from the animators that when they saw Eartha Kitt’s mannerisms while she was doing her lines in the recording studio that they were totally inspired to base Yzma’s moves off of her. Here I was picturing all voice actors as sitting still while they deliver their lines, but here’s Kitt being so emotive, despite not having an audience, that she inspired the moves of a cartoon character. That’s what I call really getting into a performance. Here’s hoping she wasn’t offended when she saw the horrendous person that her voice was attached to in the finished product. She must have been used to playing the bad guy, right? After playing Catwoman all those years ago?

13 Well, They're Both Old

via: fanpop.com, zimbio.com

It’s hard for me to actually say that the look of Carl Fredricksen from Up is actually based on Ed Asner. They both have white hair, scowl a lot, have thick-framed glasses and bushy eyebrows but you know who else does? Literally every old guy. The design of Carl could be a mix of Orville Redenbacher and Martin Scorsese for all I know. I think they similarities between Asner and Carl happened by accident, because Carl is just a caricature of an old man, and Asner is a real, honest to goodness Old Man.

It’s not Ed Asner’s fault he looks so old.

I think it’s great that they actually hired a person in their golden years to depict an aging character. Too often they have a younger person putting on a voice, which more often than not ends up sounding patronizing. I’m not even suggesting Asner got the role ONLY because he is old, because he did a great job of bringing a lot of heart to that character, when he could have just phoned it in and capitalized on the fact that he has some fairly aged vocal patterns. He brought an actual character arc to Carl, and that’s commendable.

12 The Brides Of Tim Burton

via: corpsebride.wikia.com, wmagazine.com

This one might be a bit of a stretch.  Almost all of Tim Burton’s characters end up looking like the titular Corpse Bride; they look gaunt, pale and angular. Helena Bonham Carter herself is gaunt, pale and angular, and for all I know, this is the exact reason Tim Burton married her, besides her glowing personality and all that junk. At this point, the weird world of Tim Burton is indistinguishable from his circle of friends, so I really don’t know whether this is a case of art mimicking life or life mimicking art. The only thing I’m certain about is that Tim Burton is a lucky man. And not just because he’s connected at the hip with Johnny Depp.

Since Tim Burton has a steady roster of people he uses repeatedly in his films, it was only a matter of time before he used his wife in one of his Claymation films. And while it isn’t his best film (it’s Batman and anyone who disagrees is The Joker or an idiot) you can tell he put a lot of himself into it. And not just his signature, pointlessly gloomy style, but his literal loved ones. What can I say, the man has a type?

11 Magically Hilarious

via: pinterest.ca, tvtropes.org

As a longtime fan of Absolutely Fabulous, I have huge respect for the comedic genius of Jennifer Saunders. Her influence on the British comedy scene is felt far and wide; so getting her well-known voice into the seemingly endless Shrek franchise seemed like a no-brainer. You already had John Cleese signed on to be the voice of King Harold, and he’s a comedy legend! Yet somehow, for whatever reason, when looking for inspiration on how to design the look of the wicked Fairy Godmother, the animators decided to look no further than the facial features of Saunders herself.

I guess it makes a kind of sense, since the Fairy Godmother had to switch between being relentlessly obsessed with keeping up appearances and grinding people beneath her boot in order to get everything she wants. That’s the kind of character that Saunders has been playing for years, and has always been able to deliver the facial expressions of a morally bankrupt person easily. I still find it funny, though, considering this is a world full of talking donkeys, fencing cats, ogres and frogs turned into kings, but somehow Saunders’ face is the one they thought would be perfect for the immensely magical Fairy Godmother.

10 Danger Zone!

via: pinterest.ca, youtube.com

Archer is one of my all-time favorite cartoons. They have such attention to detail when creating that show (seriously, every time a character gets attacked, they will carry a scar over into every episode after that) that the whole animated world seems to jump off the screen. And when you have outlandish characters like Archer or Android Barry, there’s no need for animators to borrow from any real-world inspirations. But when you are working with people as distinctive looking as Jessica Walters and Aisha Tyler, I guess you might feel compelled to base a character or two off of them.

After all, the entire character of Malory Archer is next to identical to the character of Lucille Bluth, who was played by none other than Jessica Walters. And when you need a character that is as alluring and strong as Lana Kane, why not just base her off the already imposing and attractive Aisha Tyler? Sometimes people already have the perfect face, be it because they seem elderly and cranky or because they are already immensely tall and easy on the eyes. For a show as steeped in cartoonish scenarios yet visual realism as Archer it makes sense to have characters that are essentially tracings of real people.

9 A Heavy Character

via: villains.wikia.com, whodateswho.com

I honestly cannot get a feel for what audiences think of Heavy Rain. Some people loved it, some people hated it. I fall into the former, but don't let that fool you, I'm very aware of the flaws it has. When it glitches, it glitches hilariously, and there are some seriously huge plot holes. Like, why was Ethan blacking out, losing time and waking up with origami in his hand? I'm all for red herrings, but they need to be woven into the story seamlessly, otherwise, you are just lying to your audience. That being said, it's a beautifully acted little mystery, full of choices and consequences.

Sam Douglas loans his likeness to the likable Scott Shelby, a private investigator hired by the families of missing children to track down who is behind the whole affair. He loans the kind of understated good guy charm that should be present in all private investigators, where he barely wants to do anything, but feels compelled to do the right thing. Well, at least that's what his character seems like for the first 9/10 of the game, before everything spirals out of control. It's definitely worth getting the multitude of endings just to see all of Scott's different reactions to his fate.

8 A Funny Effect

via: masseffect.wikia.com, deadline.com

Mass Effect remains, to this day, one of my favorite trilogy of games. I'm like you and was immensely disappointed in the ending, but that flaw isn't enough to reach backward and undue the all-consuming charm of the franchise. Not even Andromeda could do that, despite its best efforts. Part of the charm of the first three games was your ever-present pilot, Jeff "Joker" Moreau, played by the perpetually sarcastic Seth Green. If the ever do a live-action Mass Effect movie, they better not even think of casting anyone else as Joker, since Seth Green already is that entire role.

His entire career has been funny, or darkly funny in some regards, but he has never been off his game. I've seen Seth in some truly abysmal movies, and he was consistently the best part of them. So when he didn't pump the breaks at all in his delivery of perpetually pessimistic Joker, it also made sense that the character would look just like him. In a world chock full of aliens, robots, and robot aliens, or when you could randomly adjust the facial features of the main character, it was nice to see a familiar and semi-friendly face always with you in your travels.

7 Boss Gets An Upgrade

via: pt.wikipedia.org, tvguide.com

Japanese game makers are somewhat obsessed with shoehorning big Hollywood stars into their games, even if they are woefully underqualified (see Anson Mount, Jennifer Carpenter and Jackie Earl Haley in The Evil Within.) So in the latest and probably last installment in the incomparable Metal Gear series, we see renowned growling tough guy Kiefer Sutherland step into the role of Big Boss. Once this Hollywood and television star became attached, audiences started to notice that Big Boss underwent a few facial changes to look a little more like Kiefer.

Or maybe the changes have a more reasonable explanation?

I don't feel like spoiling a huge point of this game, so I'll let you look into it yourself, but suffice to say, Big Boss has been through some stuff that might better explain his facial changes, not just an animators fondness for 24. Still, of all the changes you could have made to the character's face, making Big Boss slowly transition into Jack Bower is an awfully suspicious one. Unless these two universes are linked, in which case, this will be the single most important crossover in all of human history. More than that time the Hercules and Aladdin teamed up.

6 The Man Who Laughs

via: freeapplewallpaper.com, youtube.com

The third installment in the Arkham franchise, Origins, was a departure from the regular series in a lot of ways. The continuity seemed off, the visual style was vastly different, and series regulars Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill didn't reprise their roles as Batman and The Joker, respectively. Stepping into the role as the voice of the Clown Prince of Crime was the incredible talent of Troy Baker, who just, like, everywhere, dude. Seriously, check out his IMDB page. Anyways, he did a great job of capturing a younger version of the Joker, since this was within Batman's first few years fighting crime. He managed to keep some of the pitch and cadence that Hamill's performance so memorable, though, which helped with the transition.

He also seemed to be something of an inspiration for the facial work, since his intensely tapered chin seemed to have crept into the design somewhere along the way. Maybe after years of taking haymakers from The Dark Knight, Joker's face had to change as well. After all, we've seen Bruce Wayne literally kick the teeth out of him on more than one occasion, so there obviously seems to be someone footing the bill for some facial reconstruction.

5 Not How You Want To Be Remembered

via: youtube.com, articlebio.com

Here’s a prime example of the hype train going off the rails leading up to a game’s release. Reviewers would not shut up about how great Trevor Ogg was as the demented Trevor Philips in GTA 5. Everyone went on and on about how humorous the character was, and how compelling the delivery was, and how Ogg and Trevor had become one, blah blah blah. Honestly, if shouting out rage-fueled non-sequiturs makes a compelling performance, every kid in a multiplayer match deserves an Emmy. Trevor is just brash and weird, and doesn’t do anything particularly funny, and I guess Ogg does a good a good job of capturing that kind of character, if you call it a character at all.

It’s a shame, too, because when I see Ogg in other performances, he does a good job, although he’s been pretty much typecast as the bad guy. I guess when you have that kind of hairline and the sunken in eyeballs of an unhinged psychopath, there are only so many roles you are qualified for. Still, even though he’s been pigeonholed, he tends to be able to deliver the lines with some charm. But that only counts when the lines have been written with some charm, which GTA just does not have.

4 The Best Head Of Cerberus

via: masseffectfanfiction.wikia.com, famouspeople.com

Not a lot of Mass Effect fans will freely admit they are fans of Miranda Lawson. She's kind of a Plain Jane. Not in looks, heavens no, in looks she is one of the most gorgeous women in the Milky Way Galaxy, but in personality, she's just kind of there. Sure, she has a backstory, and her own personal mission to save her kid sister/clone, but she's never really all that interesting. I'm pretty sure that's the writing's fault, though, because her voice actress, Yvonne Strahovski, is usually pretty brilliant in other roles. So much so that they modeled Miranda after her own looks.

It's pretty easy to see why. When most of the people you can be romantically entangled with are aliens (one of them you can't even see her face) it would serve the designers well to make sure the human face looked as human and gorgeous as possible. Plus, part of her "tragic" backstory is that she was genetically designed to be beautiful (poor her) so when you already have a stunning actress like Yvonne on hand, why not kill two birds with one stone? Sadly, not even Strahovski's looks could turn Lawson into a fan favorite, and she has become one of the duller aspects of a galaxy full of excitement.

3 Admit It, You're Impressed

via: fr.uncharted.wikia.com, behindthevoiceactors.com

If you don’t think you know who Nolan North is, you’re wrong. Sure, as you can see above, Nathan Drake, the star of the near perfect Uncharted franchise happens, happens to look like the great voice actor, but he’s pretty much in everything ever. Before Ryan Reynolds shed his mortal flesh and actually BECAME Deadpool, North was the voice of him in both cartoons and video games. If you’ve ever played the Arkham series of Batman games, you’ll know North as the voice of the Penguin. Or maybe you are watching the current iteration of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animation on television you’d recognize Nolan as some of The Krang.

So despite being everywhere at all times, not a lot of people are familiar with what Nolan North looks like. Which is kind of a shame, considering he isn’t that hard on the eyes. I’m next to certain that when he voices Nathan Drake, that’s fairly close to his regular speaking voice, so for the animators to base his talking voice off of his talking face makes a kind of sense. Also, I’m kind of getting a sense that they mixed Nolan’s regular face with that of Nathan Fillion to get the perfectly handsome Drake.

2 The Face And Voice Of Insanity

via: lovestruck2.deviantart.com, digitaltrends.com

I remember back in 2012 the Internet was buzzing with how incredible Michael Mando’s performance was as Vaas Montenegro, the villain of Far Cry 3. And I can admit, his performance was one of the saving graces of what I found to be an otherwise monotonous game. I don’t know how much of that is to the credit of the writers and how much of it was the lunatic savagery that Mando seems to ooze in every performance, but the whole thing came together fairly well. I’m sure a lot of the buzz was actually just clever marketing leading up to the release of the game.

The animators seemed impressed by him though.

You have to remember that Mando had to audition for that role, and until he was accepted, the programmers of the game had no idea what the voice actor would look like. Reportedly, Mando’s performance was so compelling that the game developers felt compelled to capture his almost exact likeness for the game. In fact, the lines between the character and the actor were so blurred that there were a series of live action advertisements for the game with Michael actually in full costume and makeup, looking identical to the villainous Vaas.

1 Never Trust A Pretty Face

via: behindthevoiceactors.com, twitter.com

Lucy Stillman was one of the first faces we are introduced to in the Assassin’s Creed franchise, seemingly as an ally to Desmond Miles. Spoiler Alert for a game that is eight years old, Lucy turns out to be a double agent and gets put out of her misery by Desmond. It’s kind of a shocking scene when it happens, due to Desmond being unable to control his own body, and also because we weren’t totally convinced of Lucy being a traitor. It’s also always tough to have to hurt the people you have come to care for, even if they are no longer on your side.

You also get fairly attached to Lucy because she looks almost identical to her voice actress, Kristen Bell. If you think it is only a passing resemblance, relying only on blonde hair and a pretty face, I’ll direct you to look at the barely noticeable curve of both Kristen and Lucy’s nose. That’s the kind of “flaw” that seems to be more than a coincidence. So it’s cool to see someone who’s as beloved a live-action actress as Bell lend her voice to a burgeoning video game franchise. Remember, when she signed on for that first game, she had to guarantees the series would blow up like it did.

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