The Caseboy Turns Your Phone Into A Retro Arcade

When it comes to handheld gaming devices, there's definitely not a shortage of choices in today's modern gaming age - and it looks like we'll soon have another device to add to the list. Introducing the Caseboy, a retro gaming device that also doubles as a protective phone case for your iPhone.

Capitalizing on the nostalgic good ol' gaming days of the past, the Caseboy comes with over 35 preinstalled games from the 80's, with titles including Super Mario BrosPac-ManDonkey KongGalaga, and Tetris. The console's battery lasts between 4-5 hours and is rechargeable via Micro USB cable. Caseboy's site also details that the device comes with a built-in speaker system, responsive control buttons, and a color display screen.

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But it doesn't stop there. Caseboy promises to deliver on both fronts as a gaming device and phone case, and ensures that its high-quality silicon material creates a durable shockproof case for your phone. It also comes in a variety of colors - black, white, Pink Panther pink, and even Supreme red - and leaves all your phone's charging ports, headphone jacks, and camera lenses accessible for use.

Reviews for the Caseboy have been mostly positive, with many users leaving five-star reviews expressing their surprise over how well the games function and overall satisfaction with the product. Currently retailing at only $29.99 (on sale from its usual price of $80), it's a pretty sweet deal for two products in one.  At the moment, it's only available for Apple phones (sorry Android users), but the case sizes range all phone models, from iPhone 6 to XR. Caseboy also ships worldwide, making it accessible to anyone regardless of their location.

In addition to idle fun and phone protection, Caseboy's function ingeniously provides a solution to a common yet aggravating problem many cell phone owners face - constantly running out of battery. If you're someone who finds it difficult to enjoy your favorite mobile games because your phone's battery keeps letting you down, Caseboy essentially gives you 4-5 more hours of "mobile" gaming, even if your phone battery is at zero percent. And with over 30 different games to choose from, surely something will pique your interest.

If you can't wait to turn your phone into a retro arcade (and finagle more battery life without buying a brand new iPhone), check out Caseboy's official online store to buy your own gaming device/phone case hybrid today.

Source: PocketGamer

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