Castlevania: Belmont Family Members, Ranked

Castlevania's Belmont family has an impressive bench of Vampire Hunters. From big names like Richter Belmont to unknowns like Zoe, here's the ranking

In the Castlevania series members of the Belmont family are tasked with fighting the evils of the world, namely Count Dracula and his minions. Throughout the numerous games in the series the Belmonts have kept the darkness at bay using their wits, wills, and sometimes supernatural abilities.

Some members of the Belmont family have proven more capable than others when it comes to dealing with Count Dracula and his minions. Though they all ultimately succeed in sealing away the family’s number one enemy forever it’s obvious that some were better prepared to handle the family business than others.

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15 Trevor Belmont

Trevor Belmont is mentioned only briefly at the end of Castlevania Legends and is the son of Sonia Belmont and the half-vampire Alucard, the son of Count Dracula.

This hybrid baby had the potential to make Trevor Belmont an interesting protagonist, but Castlevania Legends wasn’t considered canon and the storyline was promptly abandoned, leaving this Belmont only ever a baby.

14 Zoe Belmont

One of Desmond Belmont’s sisters, Zoe and her sister Dolores appeared in Castlevania: Order of Shadows to assist Desmond in taking down The Order, a deranged cult of humans intent on bringing Dracula back to life.

Other than assisting Desmond she doesn’t feature much in the game.

13 Delores Belmont


Accompanying Zoe to assist their brother Desmond in taking down The Order, Delores is only moderately more powerful than Zoe for the simple fact that she is capable of handling the Vampire Killer whip.

As she’s not of age she never uses the whip and given the storyline of the game wasn’t considered canon it’s not likely she ever will.

12 Simon Belmont

Not to be confused with the famous Simon Belmont of the first game, this Simon is one of his descendants and makes an appearance in the gamebook The Devil Castle Dracula: The Battle of Old Castle.

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It’s the 1950’s and this Belmont is a movie star in a film about his namesake. During filming the real tomb of Count Dracula is opened and Simon must defeat Count Dracula for real. Given Count Dracula had been forever locked away in the tomb since the 16th century it’s unlikely Simon wouldn’t have received formal training to defeat him, meaning Count Dracula wasn’t terribly powerful if Simon could defeat him, which makes him one of the weaker Belmonts.

11 Desmond Belmont

Appearing in Castlevania: Order of Shadows Desmond is tasked with preventing The Order from awakening Count Dracula. He did fight Count Dracula, but it was one summoned by accident and likely not very powerful.

Considering he also had the assistance of his sisters throughout the game he probably doesn’t stack up against other Belmonts on this list.

10 Sid Belmont

The star of the gamebook The Legend of Satanic Castle: The Vampire Hunters this Belmont is a descendant of Trevor Belmont and isn’t terribly unique or spectacular in any way.

When compared to the other Belmonts on this list he doesn’t make for a remarkable or influential character.

9 Soleiyu Belmont

The son of Christopher Belmont, Soleiyu made an appearance in Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge not as a hero, but an antagonist. During the ritual to make him a vampire hunter he was possessed by Count Dracula. With Soleiyu’s body Count Dracula was able to bring his forces out of the shadows and raise four castle towers needed to give himself a body.

Soleiyu was able to retain some awareness of what was transpiring during the possession and used that knowledge to help his father defeat Count Dracula. However, his possession was so embarrassing for the family that it was considered a scandal and swept under the rug.

8 Christopher Belmont

First appearing in Castlevania: The Adventure, Christopher faced Count Dracula and seemingly won the battle as the castle crumbled to dust. In reality Count Dracula had evaded death by turning into mist and retreating.

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Fifteen years later Count Dracula possessed Christopher’s son Soleiyu, but was promptly defeated by Christopher. He’s a fair vampire hunter, but the fact that he had to fight Count Dracula a second time because he botched the first attempt is unique amongst the Belmont clan.

7 Juste Belmont

Juste is a powerful member of the Belmont family given that his blood ties to the witches of the Belnades clan have given him significant magical abilities. In Castlevania: Rondo of Blood Juste’s friend Maxim becomes possessed by Count Dracula who seeks to create new body to inhabit. Juste banshies Dracula from his friend and manages to kill the Wraith created from the remains of Dracula’s original body.

Considering he hasn’t taken his full form Dracula is likely not up to full strength making this victory less impressive compared to others on this list.

6 Richter Belmont

Like other Belmonts Richter was able to defeat Count Dracula and his dark hordes while operating alone, making him a powerful member of the family. Unfortunately in the events of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night he became possessed by Shaft, one of Dracula’s priests.

Using Richter, Shaft was able to resurrect Count Dracula. Once free from Shaft’s grasp Richter goes on to assist other Belmonts, but falling to the shadow’s influence is a dark stain on the Belmont family legacy.

5 Sonia Belmont

The only female member of the Belmont family to wield the legendary whip and defeat Count Dracula, Sonia is a force to be reckoned with. Appearing in the game Castlevania Legends Sonia at the age of 17 embarks on the quest to avenge her grandfather’s death and slay Count Dracula.

Aiding her in the hunt is the unique ability to sense when spiritual beings are present, she also gains further powers upon destroying Dracula’s lieutenants, making her a powerful fighter and earning her a spot in the top five.

4 Julius Belmont

This member of the Belmont family has gone down in legend for doing what many other members of the family could not do, sealing Count Dracula away permanently. Oddly the details surrounding this momentous occasion is either vague or nonexistent. What is known is that Alucard assisted in the fight, Julius was responsible for Count Dracula’s defeat, and the Belmonts were forbidden from ever wielding the Vampire Killer again.

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The fact that this event isn’t widely known or praised, that the Belmont’s were forbidden from using the whip that has been in their family for centuries, Alucard being forced into hiding, and that Julius lost his memories of the event suggest something really bad happened and is the only reason Julius isn’t higher on this list.

3 Leon Belmont

Although he’s never faced Count Dracula in battle, Leon is responsible for establishing the family’s legacy and responsibility of finding and rooting evil in the world, putting them in direct conflict with Count Dracula.

In Castlevania: Lament of Innocence Leon’s fiancé is bitten by the powerful vampire Walter Bernhard. Leon was forced to bind his lover’s soul to a whip that became the Vampire Killer. His motivation for swearing the Belmont family to hunt down evil came after discovering his friend Mathias was behind his lover’s kidnapping and would later become Count Dracula. Being the first to wield the Vampire Killer, kill a vampire, and make the extreme sacrifices he did, Leon easily takes the number three spot.

2 Trevor C. Belmont

Trever’s placement as number two is the result of being the first Belmont to destroy Count Dracula. With no knowledge of the monster’s capabilities or anyone to guide him this would have been a monumental challenge.

Almost every other Belmont on this list had the advantage of an ancestor with experience fighting Count Dracula to teach them how to defeat him. If it hadn’t been for Trevor discovering Dracula’s weaknesses and the extent of his powers, a number of the other Belmonts probably would not have survived their encounters.

1 Simon Belmont

Simon is considered the strongest Belmont for the fact that he defeated Count Dracula not once but twice, with a severe injury handicapping him in the second battle. In Castlevania, Dracula seeing his imminent demise put a curse on Simon that was slowly killing him.

In order to break the curse Simon had to collect Dracula’s remains in an attempt to burn them, unfortunately, Dracula was revived and Simon was forced to face him yet again and upon his second victory was able to break the curse.

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