Castlevania Netflix Series Review Roundup

Unless you’ve been living as a hermit in the woods, far removed from the trappings of modern society (and also don’t have wi-fi) then you know that Netflix has taken a stab at a video game to TV adaptation for, Konami's classic vampire hunting franchise Castlevania.  And so far the critical reception says it’s a big hit.

The gritty, gory, and hard-hitting anime seems to have struck a chord with reviewers, as the review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes currently has Castlevania at an astounding 91%—one of the highest ratings of any video game adaptation. Let’s go over a few of the reviews to see what other sites are saying.

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"Video game adaptations have never been done as good as this one, managing to faithfully represent the spirit of the property while also injecting new material," writes Sarah Moran over at Screen Rant. "This series is sure to have you checking out one of the many games in the franchise."

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The A.V Club’s Matt Gerardi has more muted praise for Castlevania, calling the first season “painfully short” but also a “promising start”.

“While the animation and writing in this first 'season' occasionally stumble along the way, the series’ creators have gone above and beyond to wring a resonant story from a game that never really had or needed one,” he concludes, giving the show a B+ score.

Not everyone had something good to say about Netflix’s new show, however. Dan Seitz of UPROXX, accused the show of having “pacing problems” and a “lengthy discourse on organized religion” that seemed out of place. He also had some harsh words for the show’s protagonist, Trevor Belmont, writing, “It’s difficult to sell a serious debate on religion as a tool of political oppression when your hero whips out people’s eyes and beats up drunks ranting about some guy who had sex with their goat.”


There may have been a few holdouts, but the vast majority of reviews had only good things to say about the show. Den of Geek calls it "one of the best American adult animated series since HBO’s Spawn." Indiewire anxiously awaits season two, saying, "It never quite reaches the demented highs of its pillar-of-hellfire pilot, but by season’s end, there’s a clear mission statement for arriving at a slightly more optimistic future." The Collider simply states “season 1 was a great introduction and Season 2 can’t get here soon enough.”

We here at TheGamer don't really provide reviews for TV shows, but if we did, we'd give Castlevania two game-bent thumbs up! Castlevania has been renewed for a second season which will hopefully be out sooner rather than later.

What do you think about Netflix’s latest anime? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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