Destiny 2: Catalyst Quest For Eriana's Vow Is NOT Bugged, Here's How To Do It

Destiny 2's latest expansion Shadowkeep could take a bit of getting used to, with seasoned players admitting that everything wasn't immediately straightforward.

This month, Bungie released the new D2 adventure that takes your Guardians back to the moon, also dropping a free-to-play game called New Light that offers newbies a surprisingly vast array of content.

As with all new games and DLC nowadays, there are always going to be a few chinks to work out. The catalyst quest for Eriana's Vow, however, is not one of the areas needing work from the devs as it really isn't bugged.

If you've gotten Shadowkeep, then you're likely to have snatched up your Eriana's Vow hand cannon by now. The weapon is pretty great, given its ability to shatter shields and register huge precision damage, albeit with a low-capacity mag, less-than-desirable ergonomics and slow reload speed. The gun makes up for all of those negatives with sheer destruction and you're going to enjoy shooting it.

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The Eriana's Vow will prompt a catalyst quest from gunsmith Banshee that asks you to use it in the Crucible, Gambit or during strike activities to fill up a meter. That's the part that may have many players thinking the quest is broken - yet it's not.

Many of you may have noticed that the meter doesn't go up - at least not significantly - no matter how many kills you record. Forbes writer Paul Tassi was one of the concerned players after doing a reasonable amount of activity in the aforementioned and only seeing his meter go up one percent. However, a reader would come through with the save.

Basically, the Season Rank pass you get when you pay for the expansion has two boosts specifically for this quest: the Catalyst Quest Alpha Unlock and the Catalyst Quest Boost Omega Unlock. The former is had at rank 11 and doubles whatever progress one makes with the quest while the latter triples it at rank 22.

So there's really no need to use the hand cannon in all activities in order to see that meter go up (slowly). Waiting until you reach rank 22 will make this much easier to come by - go through the grind and you'll be sorted in a timely fashion.

Source: Forbes

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