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Digimon ReArise: Every Game Mode Explained

The daily grind in Digimon ReArise consists of battling in various game modes in order to upgrade or accrue materials. What's the payoff? Harder battles for greater rewards, leading to more battles. T...

Digimon ReArise: How To Digivolve

Digimon ReArise dropped in Western regions earlier this month on the mobile platform, quickly rekindling many fans' nostalgia for the spunky digital creatures. The game is wonderfully immersive and ha...

Digimon ReArise: Beginner's Guide

Digimon ReArise finally made it's way over to mobile platforms in North America and Europe on October 7th, a year after its original release in Japan. The wait didn't dampen eager spirits, however, as...

Code Vein: How To Get The True Ending

Though it toes more firmly in ARPG territory, Code Vein employs many JRPG tropes to fit in with its anime aesthetic, one of them being multiple endings that vary depending on player choice. Like other...

Destiny 2

Destiny 2: Divinity Exotic Quest Guide

With the release of Shadowkeep's raid Garden of Salvation a brand new Exotic Quest has been discovered. Here is our guide to finding and completing the quest step Divine Fragmentation on the Moon.

Destiny 2: How To Access Vex Offensive

It's a big day for Destiny 2, as both the new raid Garden of Salvation and the new seasonal activity Vex Offensive launched at 10A.M. While the hardest of hardcore players are competing for world's fi...

Call Of Duty Mobile: Best Scorestreaks

There is nothing more rewarding getting into a Call of Duty match, tearing up the enemy team, and getting your scorestreaks as you dominate your way to victory. Scorestreaks (and killstreaks) are a st...

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