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Everything Diablo 3 Did Right

Players have always had a complex relationship with Diablo 3, this writer included, since it first released in 2012. The game departed so drastically from Diablo 2 in design that many felt it was a mi...

Team Fortress 3: Everything We Know So Far

It’s no surprise that Team Fortress 2 players are dying to learn more about a potential sequel. After all, the game did launch way back in 2007. Valve has done a great job of keeping the population co...

Do Gamers Really Want Art?

With games as art being used as a talking point in the mainstream media these days, it's important to ask the question whether gamers actually want that. Saying that a hobby is a form of art gives tha...

There Are No Good Christmas Games

Christmastime, and the holiday season in general, is typically the "most wonderful time of the year." People celebrate in a number of ways — watching classic Christmas films, reading Christmas-related...

Marvel's Avengers Is Already A Mess

Anything with Marvel's name on it is guaranteed to be a hit right now. The success of the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe has made sure of that. Physical merchandise, spin-off TV shows, even ...

Modern Warfare Stadia Cover

Stadia's Launch Lineup Is Missing One Key Game

The Founder's Edition of Google Stadia is due to be released in a few days and there is a notable omission from the launch line-up of games, as one of the biggest titles of 2019 would have really helped show off the promised power of Stadia.

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