CD Projekt Red Confirms Cyberpunk Will NOT Have Gwent-Esque A Card Game

Despite announcing a companion card game to Cyberpunk 2077, called Cyberpunk 2077 - Afterlife, CD Projekt Red will NOT be including a Netrunner-type card game in Cyberpunk 2077 à la Gwent in the Witcher series.

Rumors have circulated for months that CD Projekt Red had plans to make the legacy card game Android: Netrunner into a mini-game that can be played within Cyberpunk 2077. Unfortunately, a Reddit post from Business Development Director Rafal Jaki has confirmed that no such plans are underway at the studio.

The rumor began last year when Android: Netrunner was shockingly and abruptly discontinued. Netrunner is a 2-player living card game that was published by Fantasy Flight Games from 2012-2018 before the license expired and, for some strange reason, was not renewed.

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Fans began to suspect that perhaps CD Projekt Red had outbid Fantasy Flight Games for the Netrunner license, which is based off an old Wizards of the Coast card game from the 90s. Due to the popularity of Gwent and the thematic connections between Cyberpunk and Netrunner, it seemed like a perfect fit. There is even a class in Cyberpunk called a Netrunner, the timing was just too right.

Unfortunately, the rumors have turned out to be only just that. In the announcement post on Reddit for Cyberpunk 2077 - Afterlife, which is being developed by the creators of the exceptional Bloodborne card game, Rafal Jaki left a comment to put the rumor to bed once and for all, saying "Sorry all but we are not doing Netrunner in any way - I’m a fan of the game myself but we decided to create something new and stand alone. No plans to have a card game in the Cyberpunk 2077 video game."

This is disappointing news, as it confirms not only that Netrunner isn't coming to Cyberpunk, but that there isn't a card game coming to Cyberpunk at all. On top of that, Netrunner fans have had any hopes dashed that the game will be coming back, and while it's possible the rights reverted back to Wizards of the Coast so that they could make a new Netrunner, the future is uncertain.

Gwent was an extremely popular feature in Witcher 3 and spun-off into a stand-alone card game and single player RPG called Thronebreaker. Though Cyberpunk is poised to make every SciFi fan's dreams come true, card game fans will have to look elsewhere for the next big thing. Might I suggest Capcom's real-time card game Teppen?

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