CD Projekt Red Shows Off New Cyberpunk 2077 Assets

CD Projekt Red Shows Off New Cyberpunk 2077 Assets

CD Projekt Red is showing off a bunch of new Cyberpunk 2077 assets to support a brand new cosplay contest.

Ostensibly, this bonanza of 3D images is for cosplayers to get a great view of the game’s characters. In this case, we get to see the main character - V- in either male or female form with high enough definition to make out each individual pore.

Thanks to CD Projekt Red’s tweet, we also get a good idea of V’s character regardless of gender: "V is candid and straightforward--when they have a question, they ask it, when they have an opinion, they voice it, no matter the consequences."

So what’s going on with this cosplay contest? It’s simple: you dress up as your favorite Cyberpunk 2077 character and get a chance at winning the $15,000 grand prize, along with a Collector’s Edition copy of the game and a whole bunch of other Cyberpunk loot.

CD Projekt Red will be at various game conventions around the world for the rest of the year. Show up in your greatest finery, and you’ll get entered into the contest. Can’t appear in Seattle, Paris, Moscow, Cologne, or Tokyo? That’s fine; you can submit your entry online from the handy contest website.

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Judges will select 5 entries from the online pool and 1 from each convention they attend. The finalists will then attend a Grand Finale that will happen sometime in 2020, likely before Cyberpunk’s April 16th release date. Top prize gets $15,000, a professional photo shoot, a copy of the game, and an unspecified amount of Cyberpunk stuff.

To help those cosplayers out, CDPR also released a bunch of high-res images of V in both male and female form, as well as Royce, Placide, Jackie, and Brigitte.

via CD Projekt Red on Twitter

And these are VERY high definition images. Jackie’s pics alone are almost half a gig to download.

We gotta say, Fem V looks like a way more difficult and fun cosplay than male V. While female V has platform boots and some crazy leather pants, male V just has slim-fit jeans and some high tops.

We’re just saying, Fem V will get our vote every time in a real cosplay contest.

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