Celeste's Strawberry-Free DLC Will Likely Come Next Month, Is Going To Be Super-Challenging

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Are you craving more of indie darling Celeste? Good news, the developers have finally dropped some details about the title’s upcoming DLC.

For so many of us, 2018 was about the big blockbuster releases. This is perfectly understandable, of course, with the likes of Monster Hunter World, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Red Dead Redemption 2 arriving. These are the kinds of games that we demand to take our cash, like Fry in that meme.

This is all well and good, but it also explains why indie games just don’t get the appreciation they deserve at times. After all, how would they compete for our gaming time when we’ve got behemoths like these to be getting on with?

Take Celeste, for instance. It’s the kind of game that some would dismiss at first glance. A retro-flavoured platformer? Those are ten a penny nowadays, aren’t they? Perhaps so, but you do not want to sleep on this one. It didn’t feature prominently in our rundown of our favourite games of 2018 for nothing.

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It looks like a simple affair, but Celeste is a challenging, poignant and rewarding adventure, with a heart as big as the player’s death tally is likely to be. Sadly, the team have confirmed that they’ve had to cancel their upcoming game Skytorn, but there is good news: A new Celeste DLC chapter is on the way.

Matt Thorson, the Matt who makes games of Matt Makes Games, has hit social media with some details about the new content. For one thing, he states that it’ll be one continuous chapter, taking place after the most difficult levels of the main story (which is bad news for everybody who found Celeste too darn hard). He also promises new game mechanics and items.

Sadly, while we don’t have a release date yet, it’s also confirmed that the DLC won’t be available in time for the game’s first anniversary (January 25), which means that we’re likely to be looking at a February release. The good news? The new content is going to be free for all platforms when it does arrive.

In short, this is shaping up to be DLC done right (mixing up the gameplay, throwing in curveballs for even the most experienced player, free) and that’s something that the industry certainly doesn’t see enough of.

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