Celeste’s Strawberry-Free DLC “Hopefully It Won’t Be Much Longer” According To Devs

Those looking forward to playing Celeste's upcoming DLC will have to wait a bit longer. The official Celeste Twitter profile stated that the Chapter 9 DLC will not be out in April. In addition, the Limited Run Games physical release will be delayed so the DLC can launch on digital and physical together.

As for what to expect from Chapter 9: Farewell, game developer Matt Thorson originally said the levels will be the hardest in the game, and they will not feature any B-sides or strawberries to collect. Interestingly, Thorson says we can expect some new "items/mechanics." Perhaps the greatest aspect for players is that the DLC will be free on all platforms. Clearly, Celeste players have a lot to look forward to. Calling it Chapter 9 makes it a continuation to Chapter 8: Core, so anticipation is high.

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Celeste released last year to outstanding reception. It has a score of 94 on Metacritic, putting it in the top five highest rated games of 2018 on the aggregator site. It has achieved numerous awards, including Best Independent Game at The Game Awards, and Best Action Game at the D.I.C.E. Awards. Celeste has been applauded for its incredibly challenging, engaging level design. Similar to Cuphead, you will die numerous times in Celeste, but the game never feels demotivating. Every death just encourages the player to jump back in and try again. The audio, as well as the unexpectedly emotional storyline, have also been applauded by critics and players alike.

Celeste follows a young woman named Madeline. She is on a quest to climb the infamous Mt. Celeste. Along the way, she comes across different characters, and even has to battle her darker self. The story is more than just a simple adventure to the top of a mountain. Celeste deals with emotional subjects, such as anxiety and depression. Madeline's journey is one of inner conflict. It's amazing what can be achieved with simplistic graphics and text boxes. The game is a fantastic example of what the video game medium can accomplish in storytelling and gameplay. We shall see what Chapter 9: Farewell will do to continue the experience.

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