Celeste And Towerfall Designer Is Working On Something New - Or Maybe Celeste DLC?

New content appears to be on the way for the highly acclaimed platformer, Celeste.

Fans of the highly acclaimed platformer, Celeste, might want to start dusting off their jumping and wall-climbing skills, as there appears to be new content on the way.

This past weekend, Matt Thorson – one-half of the duo responsible for Celeste, alongside Noel Berry – tweeted a gif that showcased what looks to be a new level for the indie side-scrolling game, along with the label of “Work In Progress.”

For those unfamiliar with Celeste – which is available for the PC and Nintendo Switch – players control a girl named Madeline as she climbs Celeste Mountain in Western Canada. Madeline encounters various obstacles along her journey, which she avoids through the use of special items, as well as her jumping, wall-climbing, and air dash abilities. Cassette tapes can be collected throughout the game, which unlock harder versions of the game’s levels, fittingly called “B-Sides.” Completing the B-Sides unlock even harder level variations, called “C-Sides.”

Theories are that a Celeste 2 could potentially be in the works, or some sort of level editor might be coming our way. One reply even suggested the hope for a “Super Celeste Maker”, along the same lines as Super Mario Maker. Technically, there is already an unofficial level editor for PC, but the ability to make custom levels would be a fun, official addition to the PC and Switch versions.

However, the gif tweeted by Thorson sure seems like it could be a “D-Side”-type of level that could come as DLC. Nothing about the level looks easy, but according to the replies, everyone is excited to take on harder levels, simply due to the fun and challenging gameplay that Celeste provides.

Of course, all of this is purely speculation. Thorson has yet to follow up on the tweet, so we will have to continue to wait to see what he and Berry have up their sleeves.

In the meantime, Celeste is up for “Ultimate Game of the Year,” which will be announced on November 16th at the annual Golden Joystick Awards. And while Celeste may have a tough battle against the likes of other 2018 releases such as God of War and Red Dead Redemption 2, it certainly deserves a place amongst the ranks of this year’s best games.

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